A Few Cool Green Hornet Fan Art Pictures

Green Hornet

Any thoughts on The Green Hornet?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I just can’t buy Seth Rogan as being a successful action star.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not his fault.  I just think it’s Hollywood trying to squeeze yet another square peg into a round hole.  I mean let’s just go with what works shall we?  Oh wait!  Barely anything works!

Can we just bring back Dolph Lundgren please?  I’m sure the dude is still in great shape and he would blow all these puny little wannabe action stars out of the water.

I’m starting to feel like comic books should just remain comic books dammit.  At least we still have artists out there who can come up with great work.

Here are some Green Hornet fan art pics that deserve some credit….

Click on the photos to enlarge

“Green Hornet” – By Adam Withers

Green Hornet

“Mysterious Sceptre” by Darthkyle 

Green Hornet

“Green Hornet Color” by Stevebryant

Green Hornet

“Green Hornet and Kato” by G Lantern 133

Green Hornet


Green Hornet

Here’s the trailer in case you care


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  1. I think that Seth Rogan add a great element to the character that’s very different from the “old days” of The Green Hornet.

    The fact that Seth is a funny guy is one thing, but his approach was very deliberate. He lost a bunch of weight to stay true to the character and if you think about it…this character really needed to be less “perfect”.

    Most of us…fans…don’t relate to “Mr.Perfection” roles very well. Even Christian Bale offered up an element of a “bad boy” rich guy sorta thing. Someone searching for answers and making mistakes along the way.

    I think that The Green Hornet & Kato movie is going to be a smash hit. I totally appreciate your position of staying true with the Green Hornet of old…but this angle Seth Rogan offers in my opinion will help make this character much more accepted and believable.

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