15 Funny Real Life Sci-Fi Road Sign Hacks

It’s no surprise that the geek culture is spreading like wildfire in the United States.   Frankly I’m not sure where the storm started to strengthen but I kind of equate it to Rosa Parks or something.  It’s like one person finally embraced that they were a dork and the movement just hit like wildfire.

Now you’ve got hot girls embracing their geekdom and you know once that happens it’s on.   So it’s nice to see all this stop hitting our society from all angles.

Speaking of all angles, geeks are even now hacking into road signs.   It’s fantastic!  Here are 15 you will love….

Thanks to Blastr for these finds

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  1. … O.o The only one that had anything to do with Sci-Fi was the alien one. Other than that it was just random hacks. Not a waste of my time, but it was definitely titled wrong.

  2. Not always so much geek culture as bored teenagers, but Klaatu Barada Nikto got my attention… though in my own head I always hear it spoken by Bruce Campbell with the last bit coughed. If I were to hack a road sign (as if) it would say something like “Warning Daleks Ahead” or “Greedo Fired First” rather than some silly zombie crap.

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