A Cool Gallery of Robin Fanart

On the one hand I’m psyched that trailers for the new Batman have been appearing all over the place.  On the other, this started over a month ago and they’re already priming up a movie set for release in the summer of 2012?  Man that’s a ton of pressure.

And we still don’t technically know if there will be a Robin in Dark Knight Rises.   Personally I think it’s too late and it won’t happen but you never know.  Maye some appearance at the end to set up a new film?

Frankly I was never a fan of Robin.  Always seemed like a sissy to me.   Still though, I dig some of this Robin Fanart

If any of you Deviant Art artists out there want credit, let us know….

Robin Against an Alligator

Low Stomach Robin?


Hoody Robin

Power Robin

Japanese Cartoon Robin

Female Robin

Badass Robin

Real Life Robin

Protector of the Night

Anime Robin

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