The 20 Most Terrifying Pictures of Ronald McDonald Ever

So I’ve been thinking about a long-held childhood fear, that Ronald McDonald is pretty damn creepy. He shook my hand in a parade once and I’ve never been the same since. I’d rather have the Burger King run at me with a carving knife than have Ronald McDonald smile at me again.

So anyway, Ronald McDonald + Childhood Fears + Google Images = this post. It’s random, but I think it’s pretty awesome. Enjoy.

Cannibal Ronald Will Now Be Haunting Your Dreams


Pimp Ronald Wants His $50 Ho!


Bob Ross Ronald is Painting Nightmares in Your Head


Ronald McNinja is the Opposite of Stealth


Mime Ronald is Taking a Stand for Labor Rights


Your Mom Totally Sent Ronald to Pick You Up, Get in the Car


WTF Ronald is NOT OK


Hot Ronald is Arousing Strange Feelings in Your Nuggets


Ronald is Breaching McDonald’s Employee Code


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  1. The funny thing is that all those images are followed by a targeted ad, whose dominant colors are yellow and red, reading “Get a MacBook.”

  2. That Clown isn’t “taking a stand for labor rights”.

    It’s spewing paranoid, anti-scientific blather about “genetically engineered soy” being fed to chickens – and that somehow being bad, because big science words like “genetic” scare him.

  3. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ronald is stalking meeee!!! I saw him at the movies, he followed me around and spilled my popcorn! he was holding a set of knives at the cooking section in wal mart, and i saw him strangling a platypus on my vacation to Australia!! i also saw him with my girlfriendi n mcdonalds 🙁 Then when I was in a dark alley, he was trying on yellow striped girdles!!

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