The Dark Superhero Grandpa Befriends Darth Vader: A Gallery

It’s not a huge genre but I think it’s a funny one.   Somewhere along the way in the last couple of years “old people doing young stuff” has become a small little phenomenon that warrants attention.  It particularly warrants attention when it involves anything revolving around what we focus on here.

Today we present a funny little day with Darth Vader.   It’s some old dude playing a superhero of no particular identification.  But it just happens to be hilarious watching them spend the day together.

And watch out for the big surprise at the end.  Thanks to Sachabada for the pics

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  1. The first image looks like it’s outside Patty’s pub, especially the one where they get taken hostage and one of the McPoyle brothers falls down…but maybe I’m mistaken. Taken in Philly by any chance?

  2. I think it’s kinda lame to mention “old people” doing “young stuff”. I’m 50, and headed that way soon. Hell, most of you very young people think I’m already old. I skateboard with my 11 year old, ride my mountain bike, and thrash out on my electric guitar with my band.

    OK, old – I went to school with Slash. We both went to Beverly High. I graduated in ’80. I’m just three years older than most of the Chili peppers – a band we used to share the stages with in clubs like the Whisky and the Roxy and Gararri’s in Hollywood. Old.

    These “old” people are Steve jobs, attended Woodstock and dropped acid, and grew up on rock music. It’s not like it was when we were growing up. When we were growing up, we had nothing in common with our parents. A whole different vibe. I was able to see Zeppelin in concert – their last one in Los Angeles in 1979. I was also able to see Linkin’ Park last year, cause there wasn’t an old guy ban. Thank God.

    I know people want to create a separation between old and young, and it made sense before, when parents had nothing in common with younger people, but that’s just not the case anymore.

    We grew up with microwave ovens and porn. About the only big difference was the weed wasn’t as good, but we made up for it by having unprotected sex without worries. Imagine a pre-AIDS World, where our freedoms hadn’t yet eroded, where we didn’t run into ‘no trespassing” signs at every turn, when we had the ability to actually have fun without everyone telling us NO all the time. We actually had it better than you.

    But, call us OLD if you want. I’ll never stop skating and turning my amp to 11. I don’t give a fuck.

    Old. My ass.

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