Ten More Unusual iPhone Docking Stations

Iphone Docking Station

There are lots of people out there who can’t simply buy a product and just use it for what it is.  These people have to make it personal, a part of their lives if you will.  These are the insane case mod contingent.  I see nothing wrong with this group of people.  If you want to turn your computer into Mario Land then so be it.

Personally I think it’s a little too much effort but that doesn’t mean some of the mods we see aren’t awesome.  And some people go as far as to modify the docks in which they charge their iPhones.  Yup, their iPhone docking stations.

Crazy huh?  Here are ten unusual iPhone docking stations

The Bread Station

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for when you’re hungry.  What the hell is this thing?

The Paper Clip Station

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for when you want to electrocute yourself with a metal wire stuck up the receiver

The Controller Station

Iphone Docking Station

They still make Dreamcast?

The Disc Station

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for scratching your blank DVD collection

The Piece of Wood

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for ruining the decor of your house

The Phone Station

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for when you’ll never get to make a phone call

The Dinosaur Station

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for scaring off chicks

The iPhone Box Station

Iphone Docking Station

Perfect for being a smartass

The Clock Radio Station

Iphone Docking Station

Eh, this one’s kind of normal

The Erector Set Station

Iphone Docking Station

I just like to say Erector.


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