Decades of Photos with The Same Gun Shooting Woman

Have you ever seen how certain people chronicle their lives through photos?  For example a person might take a picture of themselves in the same spot once a year or once a day for decades.    And through those photos you can get a cool picture of what their lives were like or more importantly, how the times changed over the years.

Speaking of that,  I found that this particular chronicling of a life was quite rare.  It’s virtually the same gun pose from a woman that takes place as early as 1936 and spans to as late as 2009.   Pretty crazy.

Check out the gallery

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  1. I’m pretty positive it’s a dutch woman. All of the photo’s are from a funfair attraction called the “fotoschietsalon” which means photoshootsalon. If you hit the target, a photo will be taken of you. I guess she’s a pretty good shooter.

  2. @Drester – if what you’ve said is accurate, then thank you. That answered my question as to what the shit this woman is constantly doing with a gun amidst a crowd of onlookers.

  3. Maybe it is the time traveler from the Chaplain movie? Someone needs to stop this bitch. I hear she killed Kennedy. Either that or it is Jack Black doing another awful role in a long line of awful roles.

  4. Ya know, this makes me think of these internet people who take a picture of themselves everyday for 8 years or whatever. Not to mention guys and girls who make the exact same face in every photo they take when they’re out at a bar or club. This woman has them all beat. She should get residuals lol.

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