A Cool Gallery of G.I. Joe Cosplay


My prediction that the new G.I. Joe movie will be atrocious has nothing to do with my feelings toward the franchise as a whole.  In fact, as a kid, some of my favorite toys were G.I. Joes.  The Joes and Cobra would battle it out on the sofa in my bedroom, which served as a giant cliff. 

Joes and Cobras would pound each other on foot and in vehicles and one by one, be tossed, punched, kicked or smashed over the cliff, falling to their deaths.  Except Baroness; she’d usually end up getting gang raped at some point.

But enough about my toys. Enjoy a very cool gallery of G.I. Joe (and Cobra, of course) cosplay.


A very shiny mask on this impressive Cobra Commander.


Scarlett and The Baroness strike seductive poses.


Snake Eyes ready to slice and dice some fools.


Cobra troopers taking hostages at the convention center.


Which one is the real Snake Eyes?


This is a GREAT Bazooka costume.


Destro is a pimp.


Stormshadow, The Baroness, and a hooded Cobra Commander.  I always thought the hood was Cobra Commander’s best look.


A very mean-looking Snake Eyes, opting for the machine gun over the sword.


Gotta love Tomax and Xamot.

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  1. Does anyone know the contact info for the guy with the awesome Cobra Commander costume above, or know if the costume design is available somewhere online? The Cobra Commander with the sexy Cobra Officer.

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