Why You Should Watch Amazon’s Transparent


I was always so skeptical of Amazon’s original programming ever since they launched pilot season. The company’s in-house content ranged from mediocre to good yet forgettable. Let’s not forget about how they made everyone disappointed about a Zombieland TV series. However, it seems like their luck is starting to change as they’ve gradually been producing great shows lately. Transparent is one of these gems and it’s something they can stack up against Netflix’s House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. The acting is phenomenal and props goes to Arrested Development star Jeffrey Tambor. At the same time, the writing possesses raw honesty and relevance that’ll suck most audiences in.

Transparent is basically about 70-year old divorced man who comes out as a woman and the aftermath of his revelations among his family. It’s not simply focused on Trans (forgive my knowledge of terminology) community since it also explores other aspects of sexuality. Heck, it’s appealing even if you’re straight because the show has universal themes regarding family, friendship, love, and identity. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why I think you should watch this show.


In my country, a lot of people don’t really know the distinction between being gay and trans. It was always assumed that being gay automatically meant that you wanted to be the opposite sex. That’s obviously not always the case since there are people perfectly happy with their gender but prefer partners of the same sex. Additionally, I previously wrote about how Orange is the New Black was an informative experience for me because I realized how ignorant I am about the whole concept of trans in every aspect. It’s shows like these that help inform people in an entertaining way. Transparent will open your eyes to ideas and perhaps even change some of the notions you’ve held for a long time.

For example, Tambor is a male that identifies female yet he still has a preference for women. The show addresses this in both a comedic and heartwarming manner on several occasions. I remember my friend’s reaction while he was watching one of these moments. He was surprised because he always thought that one of  the main motivation about identifying as the opposite sex was to be with the same sex (if that makes sense). It’s an ignorant notion, but that’s what I thought for the longest time as well. As you watch the show, you’ll realize a lot of things like transitioning is more about being true to how you feel about yourself than promiscuous reasons.


I also love the family dynamics of the show and how each character is written. I used to get so tired of films and shows that capitalize on the idea dysfunctional families. To be honest, there’s no such thing as a perfect family since even the most mundane ones can have their loony moments. However, it’s not always written so well and characters appear like caricatures more than real people. The writing featured in Transparent is surprisingly fresh and based on truth. Sometimes the characters say and laugh over the most obscure things, but this is the type of dialogue that gets you. The characters speak in English, but it’s as if they are speaking a different yet more intimate language on another level. This is an element that anyone with a family can definitely relate to. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching an actual family as opposed to a purely fictional one.

The show also adapts to the era it’s set. There was a scene when the characters were discussing dating and one asked if the other was already on Tinder. It’s small bits like this that adds to the sense of realism and depth because people reference popular culture in the way they talk and interact.

This just my short little bit on why I enjoy watching Transparent, so maybe you’ll give this show a shot.

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