A Ridiculous Gallery of AT-ATs Gone Wild

I think we can all agree that the design of the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) is pretty crappy.  “All Terrain?”  My Star Wars knowledge isn’t as vast as that of some of our readers – so feel free to correct me – but I have a hard time believing the AT-AT would move well in, say, the swamps of Dagobah.  Either way, all you’ve got to do is take out the legs and the rest will come crashing down.

The AT-AT’s design isn’t just impractical – it’s also sort of funny.  One could easily ascribe to the walker the characteristics of a big, lumbering animal or, if shrunk down, a dog or a cat.  That’s pretty much the idea for most of the pictures below, although I’ve included some that seemed kind of funny or ridiculous regardless of how much or how little animal resemblance there is.  Below, enjoy a gallery of AT-ATs doing pretty much everything besides attacking the Rebel Alliance.

Playing with a cat:

Making little AT-ATs:

A cool AT-AT stroller:

AT-AT boombox:

A bad ass AT-AT bed:

The anatomy of an AT-AT:

An AT-AT cake:

Surfing the web (for AT-AT porn?):

This costume looks like a real pain in the ass:

An AT-AT all graffiti-ed up:

With a Mystery Machine paint job:

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