A Gallery of Good and Bad Avatar Na’vi Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and there are going to be two pop culture costumes of choice this year for the trend followers. A) Snooki and B) Na’vi.

If you thought I was going to make a gallery of potential Snooki costumes for you to look at, think again.

So yes, what you see below are either prime examples, or cautionary tales of how you should or shouldn’t design your own Na’vi costume. And trust me, a store bought Avatar-getup is the worst thing you could do.

Check them all out below:

In case you want to rob a bank on the way to your party

You got a little troll in my Na’vi

A worthy adversary always helps

Your paint is cracking, but good effort

For those who just can’t choose between vampire and Na’vi

“Yo dude, let’s ride some dragons!”

This tribe is clearly starving



Massive amounts of photoshop works too

…because sometimes actual makeup looks creepy

Nice flip flops

Underwear? CHEATING! And that dude has some wicked varicose veins

Minimal effort award

Very nice!

“Yeah I got some candy for you little boy.”

I hear jumping around in trees is a good workout.

We have a winner…

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