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belle solo

Alright, I’ve been wracking my brain for ten minutes now to try and figure out what would inspire artist Amy Mebberson to draw Belle from Beauty in the Beast dressed as Han Solo, aka Belle Solo. And her description isn’t helping either:

“A beauty but a stuck-up, sharp-witted, scruffy-looking bookworm.”


I always love good crossovers, and the more random the better, but usually they’re at least based on a pun, or wordplay, or some similarity the two parties have. What in the holy hell do Belle and Han Solo have in common? Am I missing something blindingly obvious here, or is this is as perplexing as it sounds.

I’d go with both of them having a large furry counterpart, but Beast/Chewie isn’t shown, and Han being in love with his Wookie would be slightly odd.

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  1. Would you understand it better if I said it is probably suppose to be Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite and not Belle from Beauty in the Beast? 🙂

  2. Yeah, I don’t get the connection either, but it is undeniably neat and pretty funny, so hey, we’ll let it slide. Just this once, okay? 😉

  3. Explanation of the title: “A beauty but a stuck-up, sharp-witted, scruffy-looking bookworm.”

    It’s a line from the song, “Belle.”

    “She really is a funny girl. A beauty, but a funny girl, that Belle.”

    …combined with some adjectives that were used to describe Han Solo.

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