The Glory Days

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Fun fact: Amidst all this hullabaloo of Disney buying Lucasfilm and Star Wars, it’s being overlooked that Disney now also owns all the Indiana Jones rights as well. As for what that means about the fifth movie that was being written, I’m not sure, but it is another universe Disney now can play around in.

Above we have some art from Ian Glaubinger showing Indy reflecting on days gone by. Part of me thinks this is where he should stay, with a wall full of good memories and time to rest. We don’t need poor Harrison Ford to being car surfing or punching Russians at this point. Leave him be. Well, leave him to play old Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie at least, heh.

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  1. they raped him… we all saw it…. they raped indiana jones…. i just ran.. i ran and didnt stop until i got on that pontoon plane… but we had to leave him behind…. poor indie… poor poor indie…

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