A Gallery That Proves Dragonball Z Cosplay Should Never Be Attempted


The problem with Dragonball Z cosplay, is that as seen above, even when it’s good,  it’s bad. I feel like if someone saw this gallery before sinking millions of dollars into a live action DBZ movie, they’d be a lot happier today.

It’s just one of those cartoons that can almost never translate into a cool costume, no matter how well made it may be. Still need more proof? Well, follow me on this epic journey of dress-up badness…


















Annnnd the only costume that works?


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  1. The reason why none of these work? No, instantly out-of-place, super hot chick. If she put on pretty much any of these costumes it would be an instant success. I mean when did we ever think we could associate sexy with pikachu?

  2. @comfortablemadness

    I have to agree. Never thought I’d think of Pikachu as “sexy.” I’m kind of surprised there’s no scantily clad female DBZ cosplayers in here.

  3. it’s the hair man. for that matter. that’s the number one reason for cosplay fail. if you got the hair right, that’s pretty much the character. just fyi, all anime character looks the same except their hair. and this is coming from a guy who watches quite a bit of anime… yeah i know it’s sad…

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  5. I didn’t see anything wrong with a handful of those. Especially not the teen gohan one with the contacts. Those people spend a lot of time on their cosplays and I think they look good.

  6. wow all the pics from the photoshoot and u just post the one of me walking on the bridge….and yea I know its still incomplete but damn do u know theres actaually a guy out there that did it even better than mines..and compared to most Piccolos cosplays I’d say mine & his came out the best. And u say that first Gohan with the contacts is bad??? ARE U SERIOUS!?!?! U dont even show the rest of her DB cos cuz she has the best among most even the wig best over most….and everyone needs the site for MY proof cosplay.com and just look up the members Glay & QuantumDestiny

  7. Some of the cosplays were really good such as the first Goku one, and the Gohan ones after the weird Trunks cosplays.

    But still even though they were good they just look weird. XD

    The last Gohan one was SPOT ON! Tooo cute. Reminds me of the article of cute cosplayers, all of them were teenage girls except the cutest one: A toddler Chun-Li cosplay. xD I guess toddlers make the best cosplayers???

  8. android 17 did ight, and Supreme Kai was pretty good to I must admit. But fellahs you gotta understand that cosplay isn’t about looking just like the characters it’s about having fun doing something you love… And I love me some DBZ… Keep in touch niggets!

  9. Actually,most of these were pretty good. I mean you also have to consider the fact that dbz cosplay is UBER hard. Only a handful of people can truly pull it off and even those have to find which character they need.

  10. Yes, DBZ is one of the Anime’s that it’s impossible to cosplay. However, some caracters are not that bad…. Videl, school Gohan, 18, 17, and sometimes trunks, isn’t that bad. (Every anime is going to have bad cosplayers…. like the middleaged fat guy dressing up as sailor moon). Especially the last one where the little boy was dressed like mini gohan. That was the MOST ADORABLE thing EVAR. How could hate on it???

  11. The author describes themselves as a journalist? Hate to break this to you, but bashing others’ cosplays is not journalism.

    Yes, Dragonball Z cosplay is rather hard to do, mainly because the majority of the characters are beefcake men. That’s not to say there aren’t ways to fake it. It’s also not to say there aren’t characters who AREN’T beefcake men or wear looser clothes that people can choose from.

    I’m a woman and I’ve done three Dragonball Z cosplays to date and I’m damn proud of them. Admittedly there are a few here that aren’t so great, but there’s also a few here that look really good.

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