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OK fine, we’ll get in on the making fun of the new iPad bandwagon.  And why the hell not?  Honestly I’m not about to get into whether or not I think the iPad is going to be as popular or revolutionize things the way the iPod or even iPhone have (I don’t think it will).  I simply think it’s going to come down to how much this machine actually helps people.

That and spending millions on marketing.  The challenge here is that the iPad doesn’t really seem to be needed which means Apple has to effectively create a new market here.  But let’s not focus on that.

What we should focus on is how funny things have been in the last couple weeks.  I mean let’s face it.  The iPad is getting dogged in many circles and if you step back for a moment, it’s kind of humorous.

Here are some pictures to prove my point













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  1. No Blu-ray. no firefox, java or flash and many, many other things. Giant Google hating douche selling it. Sorry, not buying into this one. The iPad Nano was the best one.

  2. As an IT professional who is called upon by family members to solve home computer problems on an almost weekly basis, I have long argued that PCs (and I include Apple Macs in there) are hugely more complex than 905 of their owners need. I firmly believe that we need a home computer that works like a television, where no technical knowledge is needed to operate it,when you turn it on it just works and it doesn

  3. No other company seems to ruffle quite so many feathers – the poor quality and logic of these third rate “humorous” photoshop comments says a lot more about the type of windows fanboy who feel threatened by a novel concept than it does about the ipad itself – it’s unfair to criticise it for not having quite as many features as a “proper” laptop – it’s clearly not meant to be. after all – how many features does kindle have – and still is doesn’t get so much criticism because it’s predictably pedestrian and boring. and therefore not a threat for those unable to appreciate aesthetics (read windows users which i also am). all apple products have a certain quality that’s hard to describe – no wonder all the creative professionals prefer apple computers.

    a lot of developers are moving away from flash technology and many look for ways to disable flash content because it’s very annoying and take over the browser. as for the unusual size – well – it’s not meant to fit into your pocket – why can’t you carry it in a bag like a laptop – only smaller and lighter! looks like a case of sour grapes to me!

  4. zee: You speak of Windows fanboys but Apple fanboys are the worst. They are the ones that will buy anything Apple, even if it is useless, like this iPad. If it was a proper tablet with a full OS that was capable of flash or even multitasking then it would be something worth buying. Flash is everywhere on the web and I agree that some Flash sites are annoying but most flash is pretty well done nowadays and it’s not leaving any time soon. Apple just wants to force their own technology rather than support what is standard technology. Check out other tablets that are available or going to be made available. Some are far superior than the iPad. Just like Blackberrys and some other smartphones are superior than the iPhone.

    What is this quality about Apple that’s hard to describe? The quality of their product? I am a technician who repairs both Apple and PCs and for the little market share Apple has compared to PCs, I see much more Apple product come in for hardware problems than PCs. Apple used to be more reliable than PCs but the tables have turned. And Apple hides the fact that some of their computers have issues. Like the MacBook 60GB Seagate hard drive mass failures. They have just recently addressed this issue when these drives were failing en mass at least two or three years ago! Most people have already replaced their defective drive (which they had to pay for) and tossed the old one. Some people say, oh Apple is offering a gesture of goodwill and replacing these drives. Apple knows that most of them have already been replaced (because few of them would have lasted until now) so they don’t actually have to replace drives but give the consumer a false sense that they are doing something about the problem.

  5. What happened to the 5 inch floppy??? Why don’t Apple support that?

    i’m not going to be drawn into details about this or that product malfunction – this whole antagonism against an innovative inventive minority computer firm that has consistently put aesthetic into perspective is an interesting phenomenon for me.

    You know – all this wailing and screeching and smirking and bitterness about absence of usb reminds me of the days when Apple went for the 3.5″ floppy and didn’t support 5.25″

    Apple has a magical quality still – not everyone is able to appreciate it – just like not everyone is able to appreciate classical music or art. It’s just like arguing about the qualities of piano keys instead of appreciating a performance.

    i have been wondering about this hostility and its origins. Apple is clearly the more intuitive, therefore feminine product. Would it be that there’s a mysoginist and/or homophobic element to this hatred??? I wonder…

  6. Flash is not going away because apple ignores it; “the open web” is bullshit.

    @zee, don’t call the other guy a fag, it makes yourself look stupid.

  7. what kind of generation or class of people are you? all you ever say is “crap, shit, ass, sucks, fag and awesome” – who’s made you like that? a human being is born inquisitive and creative… sigh…

  8. @zee: Steve Jobs, is that you???

    I agree with Moses, flash is not going away. Apple is just trying to push their own technology, which isn’t that innovative. Not supporting Flash, Apple is sending a big middle finger to all flash enabled sites and the people who create them. And for Apple to make a tablet that is so crippled isn’t innovative. There are many other tablets out there that are much better than the iPad. Just like there are many other devices out there much better than the iPhone. Don’t believe all of the Apple hype. This is coming from an Apple technician.

    zee, from your posts you seem like the type of person that thinks they’re better than everyone else. Get off of your high horse.

  9. We’re talking about vector gaphics tools and i’ve used most of them – from coreldraw to canvas – i really have.

    you’re talking to someone who preferred adobe livemotion but carried on with flash. why couldn’t adobe develop both in parallel and had to kill the more intuitive of the two programs? i do agree that there is some very creative flash content. and why don’t apple revive it – will they offer an alternative to flash in a future update? i propose a package called iCreate – has that been registered already? if not – then there should be a simple set of powerful graphics tools – like a modern version of macpaint and macdraw. apple should drop some of their badly misguided products such as iphoto – and accpet that picasa will be a natural choice for most. so will be sketchup 3d and google docs – so apple ought to concentrate on that which noone else does better. it used to be graphics programs once!

    I have no sympathy for adobe especially after they’ve made their tools into bloated monsters – i used photoshop 2 and illustrator 88 so i’ve seen their “progression” as they force more overcomplicated “features” down our throats – creeping featurism at its worst.

    i agree with those who think that apple have lost their way. if they wanted to justify their reputation as a graphics computer, then they really ought to go along with my idea for iCreate – replacing all adobe products and a include a kind of livemotion that opens basic .swf files – forget about the actionscripts and lingos – just a simple elegant vector/pixel drawing program that one could use with an ipad while sitting on a train – like mac paint and mac draw if anyone remember – except updated and marketed as iCreate! you heard it here first! Alias had a great idea with their Sketchbook – do something like it for the ipad and provide some compatibility with flash.

    Even Macromedia director and clickworks had their strong points – perhaps apple should provide the whole adobe collection but simplified and revolutionised in ways that adobe are too heavy to do by themselves.

    i could go on about flash. Oh, before I forget – why isn’t there a SCSI connection on the iPad?

  10. @zee: Wow, sounds like a classic case of delusions of grandeur.

    The iPad is nothing more than an oversized iPhone, but it can’t accept phone calls! Well, you can use Skype for phone calls but you can’t use the 3G connection for normal calls. Talk about a crippled product!

    If I were to buy an Apple product it would be the iPad Nano…ummm, I mean iPhone…over the iPad. Same functionality in a much smaller device. Although I would buy neither. There are many other more innovative, better products on the market.

  11. @Ron – how are my ideas delusions of grandeur? you’re expected to substantiate claims like that. in case you didn’t understand my specialist rant – it all depends on the content and i was proposing an idea for apple – clearly in the wrong place.0

    I am not telling you why i’m not going to buy this or that priduct – but the ipad will be right for a lot of people who have other criteria than yours. – why keep throwing excrement in Apple’s direction – unless you feel threatened to the core by the courage of their actions?

    should the louvre be burned to the ground just because some peasants really hate art?

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