The Astonishing Next-Gen “Snowdrop” Engine of The Division

While I’m enjoying my PS4 and Xbox One, all the games I’ve played for either have been developed using more or less the same engines from the last generation. Granted, they all look better than their predecessors using the power of the new system, but they’re also not quite revolutionary.

But it’s early in the cycle, and this is to be expected. Eventually, companies will be debuting brand-new next-gen engines for the system, ones that will ramp up the realism of games in ways that do more than simply increase textures.

One of these is Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine that they’re going to be using staring with The Division. The lighting effects are unreal, as is the destruction when you shoot things. Watch the video above to see a taste of what Snowdrop can do.

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  1. When I see real-time effects done this well, I start to see the possibility of TV shows having the ability to have effects as impressive as big budget movies.

      1. Yes, your right for the initial creation it would be expensive. But once you have the tools in place you could make a show in real time using the game created “sets” after the set up cost it would be way cheaper to produce each individual show.

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