Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 20 Career Mode


FIFA 20 Career mode is the latest is offering a higher level of control and customization in your gameplay. If you’re a big fan of FIFA 20 then you’re in the right place to find out about all of the new features that Career Mode has to offer. Here is everything that you need to know about FIFA 20 Career Mode and how it can enhance your sheer pleasure and entertainment.

What is the new FIFA 20 Career Mode?

Those who thought that the single-player mode is outdated have a pleasant surprise coming. Although there wasn’t much new offered for the past few years, EA has finally responded with the brand new FIFA 20 Career Mode with enhanced features that give you a greater degree of customization. Here are some of the upgrades that you have to look forward to

Improved press conferences

The FIFA 19 Career Mode press conferences seemed to be mostly for aesthetic because they didn’t do much. Players made their dissatisfaction with this lackluster feature known to EA. In FIFA 20 there’s a big change coming. The pre-match and post-match press conferences can have a major effect on the morale of the players. It can also impact your rating as a manager. Of course, this can go up or down but it’s movement and change and it gives players more to work with. This was a potential feature that was underutilized by the game developers and they’ve changed this to make the game even more dynamic. Now the interactions outside of the football game have a more profound effect upon the career.

Changes in player conversations

Get ready for a lot of requests from the player because the new messaging app-like interface is going to be in play. Players will issue a decent amount of requests and it’s up to the manager to respond either through direct communications or through some type of actions. We’ve heard that there will be a variety of requests so some are going to involve some intense problem-solving.

More variation in story-lines

The EA team has created new tools to handle a large amount of data created by the big changes and variations in the story-lines. These relate directly to the players’ experience and your method of playing. You’re going to see journalists treat the experience of each match in a different way. The engineers designed this to have an authentic and dynamic feel, and it’s going to be depended on the outcome of the game, the opponent, the goals scored, the stage of the competition and a lot more factors.

Brand new player morale system

The way that player morale was impacted is going to be different with FIFA 20 Career Mode. A new player morale system with influence by press conferences, wage expectations, playtime, conversations, and several other factors will affect player happiness. If you expect good results then as manager you’re going to be challenged in finding new and innovative ways to keep all of your players happy.

Female managers

One of the big changes in the level of customization is that you can now have female managers with a customizable avatar. You’ll have the ability to create an avatar that is more reflective of your personal style and this will be reflected in the game. You can also change the attire worn by your manager at any point in the season. This is the first time that players have had the option of creating male or female managers. It’s a huge step forward. Customization of clothing and shoes ranging between casual and a little dressier casual are possible. The developers also threw in a decent choice of clothing and accessory options.

Dynamic Player potential

The next major addition to FIFA 20 Career mode is the dynamic player potential. The changes in player potential occur with how well each is performing. The potential can go up or down, but it will be affected one way or the other. The potential increases inf they’re playing a good game and it goes down if a player doesn’t perform well. Potential and attributes are affected by the play. There have been a few other changes made and include branded league UI themes, and live screenshots. Although we’re not fully informed on what they are precise, we’ve heard that there will also be some minor fixes and a few more additions.

New manager look

With FIFA 20 Career Mode you will be able to create your manager with more options than any other edition has granted. In addition to selecting the gender, you can also choose the body type, hairstyle, skin tone and more. Managers will have things a bit more complicated when tending to player morale so it’s going to be a situation where managers are constantly on their toes. You’ll also need to keep team spirit high by having discussions with players about their concerns, one on one chats and a whole lot of problem-solving. This is the most authentic yet. You’ll have over 30 official leagues, more than 700 teams, and over 17,000 authentic players competing in 90 licensed stadiums around the world.

Final thoughts

FIFA 20 Career Mode is a new tool that encompasses a host of greater possibilities thanks to the developers who acted on complaints made by players of the previous games. It’s been enhanced with greater customization and control over the morale of the players. The manager can take on a completely different look. EA has gone over the top with their answer to the concerns and complaints of gamers. It’s expected that this new development will satisfy the demands of gamers who were previously dissatisfied with some aspects of the previous versions of the game. We’ll know more when the reviews start rolling in, but here you have it. This is everything you need to know about FIFA 20 Career Mode.

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