The Five Worst Risk of Rain 2 Characters

The “Risk of Rain 2” has some diverse characters to choose from for play. Each brings its own set of strengths and weaknesses but some are more impressive than others. Which is the worst? This depends on who you talk to. We’ve pulled together our resources to get an idea of how seasoned players ran the worst characters in the game. While none of them are inherently bad, some seem less capable than others. Here are the five worst characters in accordance with their ranking from fifth-worst to the number one least liked in the game.

5. Artificer

The Gamer ranks Artificer as the fifth-worst character in the game. Her ranking is 5 out of 9 which really is just a little over average. While she does have some benefits for dominating early gameplay on the battlefield with just a few items, she lacks the mobility that would make her a more outstanding character. There is nothing in her kit that would enhance her ability to make fast moves or dodge projectiles. We don’t count floating in the air as a useful skill when bullets are flying at you. She’s definitely one of the worst characters for late-stage gameplay. Her greatest strength is her ability to inflict some crazy damage on the enemy, but this doesn’t always make up for her lack of mobility. She is definitely not the worst character in the game though. We’d gladly take her over the next four to follow.

4. Loader

The loader is ranked at 4 of 9. This makes her a step below Artificer. Where Artificer fails in mobility, Loader makes up because she can get up in the faces of enemies and deal them damage from close proximity. Her fists and high mobility grappling hook are some really useful abilities. While it’s fun to play some scenarios with Loader, her defensive gear is a necessity and you must obtain this gear to enhance her movement speed and her health. She’s a melee brawler but her abilities just aren’t up to par when they’re compared with some of the other characters. Not terrible, but not the best, we agree with Gamer in placing her as the fourth-worst character in the game.

3. Huntress

Game Rant ranks Huntress as the third-worst character in “Risk of Rain 2.” The Huntress with her bow fires arrows that find their mark. It’s important to acknowledge her values as a returning survivor of the original game. She can teleport and escape from trouble when it gets too deep. These are her primary skills. She also has the ability to deal with some significant damage as a decent secondary skill. She knows how to get herself out of trouble, but it’s hard to get away from the fact that she also has some fairly significant weaknesses. She has a 3 out of 10 rankings which are getting towards the bottom of the rung. The Huntress has the least base for HP stats in the entire game. When too many enemies present to challenge her, it’s not too difficult for them to overwhelm her. Not even her burst damage can get her out of some jams. Still, it’s important to note that when she’s armed with Ukulele, things get a lot simpler for this character. Regardless she is ranked as the 3rd worst. The Huntress is likely to maintain this position.

2. Acrid

Nerd Lodge lists Acrid as one of the worst characters in “Risk of Rain 2.” This character is a carryover from the update Hidden Realms. He’s a melee in the ranged hybrid class. Acrid uses a poison that takes down the enemy’s health by percentage points. The poisoning is a skill he can use either far away or up close. Both skills are beneficial. He’s a real killer when it comes to killing bosses. This is his greatest value, however. When it comes to killing anything else, you soon discover that he lacks the mobility that is featured in most other melee characters. He doesn’t really excel at anything besides killing the bosses. His poison isn’t lethal, although it is strong. You would think he’d be able to kill low HP enemies more efficiently, but his performance is fairly disappointing. He’s not a strong survivor and he falls below the abilities of Loader. When it comes to melee situations, he is really more of a liability than an asset. Even with all of his faults and weaknesses, still, Acrid only comes in as the second-worst character in “Risk of Rain 2.” There is one to go and he really takes the cake.

1. Commando

Commando is available in the first class that you will unlock in “Risk of Rain 2.” As such, it’s no surprise that he soon loses his appeal. He is a simple character who is also a jack of all trades, but you know how the saying goes. Jack of all trades and master of none. Playing as Commando is a lackluster experience in the opinions of many. He’s also a survivor who lacks the mobility to really be good at much. There isn’t a lot of fun involved with this character. The bowl on his head does not help that situation much either. Commando has been voted as the character with the greatest number of weaknesses. When you consider the fact that he is outperformed by every other class, it’s a no brainer that he would end up at the bottom of the line to get picked to play on the team. It’s hard to find much good to say bout Commando, and we’ve had trouble finding anyone else who was willing to step up to the plate and give him kudos. Commando is one of those characters that makes everyone wonder why he’s even included in the choices.

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