Link and Zelda Massive Mosaics are a Sight to Behold

(click to blow WAY up)

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is; an epic Link mosaic made entirely using scenes and sprites from his games over the years. You’re going to have to click on that to see the individual puzzle pieces, and there’s an equally impressive one of Princess Zelda after the jump.

How the hell do people make these things? Is there some like computer program that you upload images to, and it assembles them based on color into a pixelated image? If so, some one please point me there so I can start making cool shit like this. If not, props on spending bazillions of hours making this by hand.

Check out Zelda below:

[source, as best as I can find]

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  1. Yeah, there are a number of programs that you can use. I use Andrea Mosaic (the one in the link). It’s pretty easy actually; the only challenging thing is finding enough images.

    I mean sure, you can let it have a lot of duplicates and let it change the color of the pictures to make it look better, but it’s much more satisfying (and impressive) when it’s composed of almost entirely unique images.

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