Five TV Shows that Could Use Great Video Game Adaptations


After last year’s Walking Dead proved that video games adapted from TV shows didn’t necessarily have to be terrible, I started to think about what other games truly have the potential to succeed in the medium of gaming.

With the right amount of resources devoted to the project, it’s entirely possible that these five shows could result in some particularly fantastic games.

I’ve taken the liberty to theorize about what a few of these might look like, along with the type of game that would work best for the universe. Read on and see if you agree below. I also welcome your own ideas in the comments.

The Elder Scrolls: Game of Thrones

game of thrones bronn

As Game of Thrones returns, it’s hard not to imagine what a kick ass RPG would be like set in the universe. Yes, I’m well aware that someone already attempted to make a Game of Thrones game, but it was really quite terrible and should be forgotten about for all eternity.

But imagine what a good Game of Thrones title could look like. I’m going with a regular RPG here instead of an MMO, mostly because I hate MMOs, but the ideas could obviously translate.

In the game, you’d start as an unaffiliated warrior (man or woman, though woman would result in dramatically different dialogue, given the time period). You could specialize in the usual combat tactics, melee weapons or ranged, but also speech would be a third pillar that would actually be valuable. Sure, you could smash things like the Mountain, but wouldn’t it be more fun to talk your way out of combat whenever possible like Tyrion? I think it would.

Eventually you would swear allegiance to a particular house, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t start backstabbing and switching sides as the game goes on. Perhaps its eventually revealed you’re part of the bloodline of a certain house, and a high level would grant you certain magic powers long thought lost from the world. Dragon mount, anyone?

Sons of Anarchy Theft Auto


I was going to go with a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle racing game that would be a badass reboot of Road Rash, but I think it would be unwise to completely ignore the story aspect of the show, which is more engaging than the actual violence.

We saw a bit of what this would be like with Grand Theft Auto IV DLC, the Lost and the Damned, but imagine the possibilities with the Sons of Anarchy brand and voicework from the original cast? The possibilities are endless.

There are more than enough gangs in the show to be established as worthy foes, and you could upgrade your bike and weapons to be able to go toe to toe with the biggest and baddest of them. I could even see this working as a bit of licensed GTA V DLC, seeing as the new game takes place in fictional California, San Andreas.

Dexter Noire


This one would be a bit trickier to pull off, but I think it could be pretty cool. It would combine the investigative skills of a title like LA Noire with more of a stealth aspect. It could be open world the same way Noire was, but it wasn’t done in the same style as GTA, and wouldn’t need to be here.

Rather, Dexter would have to investigate potential kills. He’d find proof by breaking into their houses or offices, and then you’d have to set up a kill by finding a good location, and abducting them so no one sees them.

Though Dexter might be offended by a game where you “play as a serial killer” like Lewis suggested to him, in practice, it could be pretty fun so long as you’re the good guy, which Dexter is. It would be a game about careful planning, strategy and subterfuge, and you’d get to spar with Big Bads along the way which would tie the plot together.

Archer of Duty


Alright, I’m going to take zero credit for this one, and I’m going to turn it over to Dan Seitz who first had the idea. I’ll let him explain why this is such an awesome concept:

“What can be lost amid the hilarity of the show is the fact that it’s actually fairly dynamic, violence-wise. Archer is good at his job, at least when it comes to acts of violence, and he’s the least competent agent in ISIS short of Cyril. It lends itself to a first-person shooter in that sense, because it doesn’t have to be shoehorned in.

Furthermore, the cast naturally fit the roles you need for multiplayer co-op. Think about it: Lana is the sniper, Archer is a balanced character, Pam’s the melee tank who can absorb a lot of damage, Krieger is the engineer, and Cyril is the joke character who under the right circumstances gets massive damage bonuses.

Archer is actually quite well animated, considering it’s a show about an incompetent spy agency, subtly mixing anachronisms, like the fact that everything is from the ’60s yet the technology is modern. It’s a unique world already designed, and could even be a 2D game.”

Read more here, but you get the general idea. This would be freaking amazing, and a game that would be legitimately funny for a change. We only have precious few of those in existence right now.

Arrested Development Fighter


I can’t believe no DeviantArtist has come up with a concept for this. I’m most disappointed. I could easily see a hilarious Arrested Development Street Fighter style fighting game that would be a hell of a lot of fun.

No, the show isn’t inherently violent, but I think the Bluths would love to beat the living hell out of each other. Each character already has some weapons they could use to their advantage

Tobias: Stealth and cat-like reflexes. Also copious amounts of blue paint.

Gob: The Sword of Destiny and the ability to call in Franklin for an assist.

Buster: His hook and the power to summon seals to aid him.

George Michael: Jetpack and muscle suit armor

You get the idea. Someone make this immediately and have it out in time for the show’s relaunch in May.

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  1. Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, is an avid gamer and has tried to get a game based on the show made several times. He also won’t let something shitty be made using it’s name, and high end titles cost too much up front to make, which is why nothing has come of it.

  2. X-Com: The Wire

    A turn-based strategy game where you play as Baltimore’s finest, trying to fight back against the the drug kingpins. Play on different and unique maps like, The towers, the low rises, hampsterdam and the Baltimore docks.

    You’ll need to manage your squad by balancing, budget, internal police politics, and your self destructive officers.

  3. Justified the Game would be sick as well. Especially if it was open world Harlan and Lexington Kentucky missions. Infiltrating meth labs and looking for big Dixie mafia thugs. They would need some sort of slow-mo quick draw battle system where you could be quick on the draw pulling your gun as Raylan.

  4. Why not have a Game of Thrones video game based off of the early conquests of the Targaryens? It could a similar play style to the Total War games, or something like Fire Emblem.

    With hundreds of years of history in the Song of Ice and Fire lexicon, there’s many different time periods that you could base the game off of.

  5. They’ve made two Dexter games. Unfortunately, they’re both the worst bargain-bin possible version of what you’d imagine a Dexter game might be like. Just so bad.

  6. “After last year’s Walking Dead proved that video games adapted from TV shows didn’t necessarily have to be terrible”

    This sentence confuses me. See, Telltale’s The Walking Dead was based on the comics, not the TV show…. the show got a game in the form of Survival Instinct, and it sucked.

  7. One correction I have to make. The Walking Dead is not adapted from the tv show. It’s adapted from the comics, which the tv show also happens to be an adaptation of. Compared to the game, the show is kinda terrible.

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