True Blood Episode 2.9 Review


Sorry for the delay – vacation away from HBO and The Internet – but I finally got down to watching True Blood episode 2.9.  It was worth the wait; this was the best episode in weeks.  We find out what Godric’s deal is, and we get to see even more sides of Eric.  Lafayette gets some action, too, which is always a good thing.  Alright, let’s get to it: Keep reading for the full review of True Blood episode 2.9.


We start right where we left off – Luke has a silver bomb of sorts strapped to his chest and – to my surprise, at least – he succeeds it detonating it.  Eric shields Sookie from the blast, apparently saving her life, but damaging himself in the process.  We’ve known for a while that Eric has a fascination with Sookie, but this is the most flagrant display of his affection thus far.  Despite the resulting chaos from the blast,. Bill catches a human outside the house and angrily bites his neck, sending blood flowing like a waterfall.  Thank God.  I was beginning to think all of Bill’s viciousness was left in 1920s Chicago.  Bill lets the dude live, but hey, it’s a start.

It turns out, however, that Eric’s display of affection toward Sookie was merely strategy.  He convinces her to suck the silver out of his chest, and in the process, she necessarily drinks some of his blood.  Later, Bill informs her that Eric would have healed on his own, and now Eric will be able to track Sookie and learn her emotions, just like Bill is able to.  The worst, Bill explains, is that now Sookie will feel a sexual attraction toward Eric.  Sookie protests, but why didn’t she ask Bill if his blood had the same effect?  I’m sure it does, but wouldn’t she feel a bit “cheated” in that her love for Bill started somewhat artificially?  Bill’s warning to Sookie proves true when she has a dream about him: they’re lying in bed together, making pillow talk, and essentially acting like lovers.  Lorena is there, too, antagonizing Sookie.


Hoyt and Jessica discuss Jessica’s little problem, and Hoyt reassures her that a constantly breaking and healing hymen doesn’t really concern him.  In fact he’s so into Jessica that he asks her to meet his mother.  Jessica is excited and agrees.  Hoyt later approaches his mother, and after some resistance on her end, calls her out for being helpful.  It’s always nice to see Hoyt stand up to his overbearing mother.  They do meet, later on, at Merlotte’s for dinner.  Hoyt’s mom is predictably a royal bitch and Jessica runs off crying tears of blood.  Like a good boyfriend, Hoyt follows.

Sookie and Jason make amends and have a moment, and it’s nice to see them acting like brother and sister again.  Jason’s “sex abilities” line was just priceless.

Meanwhile, Tara and Eggs continue to freak out at always losing control and blacking out.  Maryann tries to convince them that chaos and giving in to every desire is the way to live – citing examples of mystics doing just this – but it’s all for naught as Tara and Eggs remained concerned and are more and more wary of Maryann.  As they should be, of course.  Tara and Eggs later hit up Merlotte’s, and Lafayette immediately assumes that Eggs is responsible for the bruises on Tara’s face.  He is, of course, but neither Eggs nor Tara knows it.  Lafayette gets all up in Eggs’ face, and though his pizazz may be gone, it’s good to see that Lafayette still has some passion left inside.  I was really hoping he was gonna drop Eggs.  For a second I considered writing that I was hoping he scrambled him, but even I refuse to write a pun that lame.  Eventually, Lafayette and Tara’s mom show up to find Tara, Eggs, and Maryann starting to get wasted.  Under Maryann’s influence, Tara attacks her mom, and Lafayette beats the crap out of Eggs (nice).  Lafayette then drags Tara away from Maryann.


Sam Merlotte is still locked up in jail – with about half of Bon Temp – when Maryann comes looking for him.  Sam shapeshifts into a fly so that he can escape (and spy on Maryann later on), and Maryann proceeds to free everyone else.  Later, she shows up at Bon Temps demanding that Sam be found.  Sam finds Andy – the only one who knows he’s innocent – in a motel room and shacks up with him.

And now the question we’ve been waiting for: why did Godric submit to the Fellowship of the Sun?  Well, it turns out that Godric was simply tired of living as a vampire after over 2,000 years.  He felt that vamps didn’t belong on Earth and was ready to die.  He is scolded for his decision to submit to the Fellowship, and as Nan Flanagan (you know, the vampire spokeswoman) puts Godric in his place, Eric shows his fierce loyalty by stepping up to her.  It seems as though there are no lengths to which Eric will not go to defend Godric.  Godric instructs Eric to meet him on the roof of the hotel.  Along the way, Bill slugs Eric for “infecting” Sookie, but with Godric’s fate on his mind, Eric simply asks Bill to step aside.  I’m sure he’ll deal with it later.

Anyway, on the roof, Sookie witnesses Eric pleading with his master to not “meet the sun.”  It’s a rare tender moment from Eric, and it’s as if he is losing a parent.  Knowing that the faith and love that have built up over hundreds of years between he and Godric will be gone forever, Eric weeps before his master.  In my opinion, this was the best scene of the episode, and the best scene since we first saw Godric.  Eric leaves before the sun comes up, and Sookie stays with Godric until the end.  Surely, also, she must now look at Eric in a different light after witnessing him show true, unbridled emotion.

I was a bit hard on Godric in some of my past reviews, but now that his character has come full circle, I definitely dig/dug the guy.  What did you guys think?

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  1. Okay, how is this a review. All this is a recap of the episode. Instead of stating the article as a “review” change it to “recap.” Or you could give a review of the show, stating your opinions. No bueno man!

  2. @ Mud: If you’ve read the previous “reviews” these are designed to spark discussion amongst the readers.

    @ Madison: I thought it was a good episode. I especially enjoy any screen time that Lafayette gets. I hope he has the final show down with Maryanne (with help of course). Godric’s character was good, but most importantly has sparked the much needed war between humans and vampires that the show has been building since the start.

    True Blood still remains the best thing on TV right now.

  3. @ Mud

    What IcemanD said. It’s meant more to spark a discussion each week. Also, I’m pretty sure I made clear several of my opinions. Can’t please everyone, I guess.

    @ IcemanD

    This past episode was a big pick-me-up for me. I thought the last couple episodes were a bit weak – especially Godric – but this one reminded me why I watched in the first place. Great, great episode.

    And man, that would just rule if Lafayette plays a major role in Maryann’s fate.

    @Fernando Malk

    You were correct, indeed. At least his death wasn’t cheap; I think it will prove to be quite memorable.

  4. I’m wondering since Lorena was in Sookie’s dream, if she will continue to try and lure Bill back to her. I’m sure it’s not the last of her when she left the Dallas area.

    It’s so weird to see Eric smile. Sometimes I’m kinda creeped out, since it seems so unnatural for him.

    And as for the scrambled eggs, I love puns, but that would have been pretty awful.

  5. It was a good episode, and while i would have liked to see more of Godric’s character, which we may in flashbacks, his death and it’s effect on Eric make will make for good TV to come.

    As for the whole “drinking a vamps blood makes you attracted to them” thing… did Sookie not ask Bill about that or at least say something? I’m sure it’ll come about sooner or later, but still…

    I thought Sam turning into a fly was kinda….out there. Even for this show. It was just too much.

    Anyway, i am very excited for the vamps to get back to Bon Temps and deal with Maryann, and i agree that Lafayette should get a piece.

  6. i thought this was an awesome episode^^..
    it was really nice to see a little bit of the Bill from the 1920’s..
    After i got over the impracticalities of sucking out bullets…I was laughing so hard ..mostly just because the look on Eric’s face….I then i screamed at her dream..I hate Sookie..and i make it known…
    I am so glad that Jason has returned to his full self again..he’s just adorable..he reminds me of a puppy^^..But what I didn’t like about the reconciliation scene thing was how Anna Paquin played it…she seemed too sexy to be talking to her brother..the way she sat and how she said things just seemed COMPLETELY wrong for the scene…
    Hoyt and Jessica just get cuter every week^^…
    I cried when Eric started crying…it was so sad..and then i lost it when Godric burst in to flames..It was a very depressing episode but one of the best this season…

  7. Geez, sorry guys, just started looking at this website. Didn’t know I was gonna get ganged up on like a prison rape scene *sniff* *sniff* Now I know and knowing’s half the battle, right Duke?

  8. I love that you pointed out that Sookie should have questioned her own attraction and initially her relationship with Bill. That was exactly what I thought when Bill said she would suddenly be attracted to Eric. It almost makes both relationships seem potentially artificial. And as viewers, how can we really be “rooting” for either of them?

    I’m hoping there will be further explanation? If not, I think it was a bad move on the writers parts.

  9. dont u guys remember the first episode, she already had a lil sum-sum going on for bill before she first drank her blood

    but anyways it doesnt matter cuz they never mentionned anything emotional, only a SEXUAL attraction. which is exactly what she had with the wet dream and all.

    if anything thats just a good excuse for her to get closer to eric.

  10. @Bobby- You’re right, it is just an excuse, so the rabid Sookie/Bill fans don’t riot and kill Alan Ball for hooking Sookie up with Eric in the future.

    And Yes, Sookie was always taken by Bill, but she had A LOT of his blood that night he saved her, I’d think that if it makes sexual attraction stronger, it should at least be mentioned.

  11. Bill used to be pretty badass in season 1 and start of season 2 man, when he never smiled and shit. Now I only enjoy him when hes with jessica cuz his serious self reapears.

    Sookie makes him weak. I dont want her to be with eric.

  12. Not gonna talk about The Vamps storyline thus far too much. There’s nothing really to be said, cuz their storyline is GREAT!

    The episode was great! The Vamps too a beating!

    Thought the Newlin’s turn was funny. Wish they didn’t turn Sarah Newlin into a Tami Faye Baker character. Did anyone notice that in the past 2 episodes, they really painted her face to be all make-up’d and ugly, compared to all the other ep’s she was in.

    …too bad. She’s sooo hot!

    What I really want to see now is how the Vamps are gonna handle Maryann and her black eyed zombies.

    I really hope Lafayette doesn’t get turned into one of them, like Maryann said “They’ll come back with her [Tara].”

    Maryann is the creepiest character ever! in the modern Vampire-Monster stories. I mean, from all the Vampire movies, the only other character that I didn’t like, villain and hero included in vampire movies, was Santiago in Interview with the Vampire. You know the actor/mimic that Louie (Brad Pitt) met in France.

    Anyway, I hope the Vamps, Stackhouses, Sam Merlotte and the Cop destroy her and bring back sanity to Bon Temps.

    Rest in Peace Godric. 🙁

  13. Good episode, but I have a question about Lafayette: didn’t Eric and his brood bite him, but not turn him into a vamp, and he got stronger? Does this strength last? And will it play a role in defeating MaryAnn?

    So excited for the next ep 😀

  14. When a vamp bites just to bite and not to transform, it doesnt transfer its blood so theres no side effect. The only time lafayette drank vamp blood was when eric visited him at his home. And to answer your question, it doesnt last forever. Its the same as when jason drank v-blood. And I remember when sookie first drank bills blood she only had the side effects for like 1 episode.

    Gosh I feel like a fucking nerd.

  15. I would say that this was a better episode then the last few. I still hate Mary Ann and even I’m amazed that her storyline is still pretty much where it was a month ago, except now more people are cluing in on it. It would help if what she was doing was interesting.

    To me, the key moment of this season may have been in the previous episode, when the vampires showed up at the Fellowship At The Sun and that vamp in the cowboy hat announced that it was feeding time. That was the moment when I thought, “yes! this show is going to great again!”… only to have Godric suck all the energy out of things. So Godric “dying” is good news.

    The Eric/ Sookie subplot has promise. It was great to see Lafayette get back in his groove. I’m still worried about the show though. The rest of the season seems to be depend on how they kill off Mary Ann (please, please), and how well they pull it off if they do.

  16. @ Bobby

    I think you’re right about what vamp blood does and doesn’t do. And this is a place for nerds, so no worries.

    @ Paul

    I have no idea how they’ll stop Maryann, but I’ve got to believe she will meet her end by the end of this season.

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