A Complete Map of Springfield, USA

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Though my days of being interested in The Simpsons have long since passed, it is kind of cool to see that someone went to the trouble of making a complete map of Springfield.

I’m not exactly sure how exactly you’d go about crafting this kind of a map, unless you just watched every single episode a few times and paused and rewound to get a complete lay of the land. Really impressive. Like, scary impressive. Check it out in detail for yourself by clicking above.

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  1. In The Simpson’s Movie, their backyard was right up against the dome. The sinkhole in Maggie’s sandpit lead to the opening on the other side. Yet this map puts their house nowhere near where the dome would have edged!

  2. As we should all know from “Bart’s Comet”, there is only one bridge out of Springfield, and the airport is on the other side of the bridge.

    Also, it is pretty clear from every time an aerial shot of the town is shown, there is one road going diagonally through the main grid of streets.

  3. The person who made this map assumed Matt Groening and the other Simpsons creators cared about continuity. They probably didn’t. I’m sure there are multiple episodes that show conflicting views of where things are.

    Unless the show’s creator has a map in his head and follows that in every episode, it is literally impossible to craft a map by watching the show.

  4. the date on the map is may 2004 so a lot of things aren’t “up to date”. the great thing about a cartoon is that you don’t have to apply to the rules of the real world. one episode has the parking lot of the nuclear plant on the other side of the simpson’s fence.

  5. So of course you start out with how the Simpsons don’t interest you anymore. So you are one of those viewers that other Simpson fans loathe and you sir piss me off. I like the post but the author is a dunce.

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