The Top 10 Cheapest Video Game Weapons of All-Time

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They’re the weapons that are game changers. The ones that when acquired everyone else runs, hides or yells “cheaaap” through their headsets. Sure they’re readily available for all to potentially equip, but they’re so unbalanced that when you do find them, your enemies cower in fear whether they’re Spartans, Locusts or Goombas.

10) Pistol – Halo: Combat Evolved


Yeah, not exactly fearsome right? But when you first started playing the original Halo for Xbox, you were probably a bit puzzled. As you progressed through the game, you found that every weapon you got paled in comparison to the one you started with, the pistol. With its zoom-in scope and headshot prowess, there was little reason to use anything else, and most multiplayer battles just turned into a pistol-only frenzy. No wonder they toned it down in later games.

9) Fireball – Super Mario Bros.


The skill it took to correctly align yourself to bop enemies on the head in Super Mario Bros. went right out the window when you found the Fire Flower. You might as well just have had a 9mm, capping Goombas and Koopas left and right with unlimited ammo.

8 ) Hammer of Dawn – Gears of War


Look, I’m not saying the Hammer of Dawn isn’t a cool ass weapon, but imagine you’re a solider in the Locust army. You see a group of space marines stomping their way towards you and you think, “here’s my chance to defend my little Locust wife and kid back in the burrow” And then you’re suddenly obliterated by a beam of light shot by a satellite orbiting the earth. Life is not fair.

7) Mini Nuke – Fallout 3


Oh, so you have a nice little hunting rifle there? Well I have a nuclear bomb. The end-all be all of the “rocket launcher” type weapons, the mini nuke in Fallout 3 absolutely vaporizes anything in its path. Even if you miss, the splash damage is so large that afterward your enemy will probably be limping his way over to you, begging for you to finish him off before the radiation starts making him sprout extra limbs.

6) BFG 9000 – Doom


One of the most famous video games weapons ever, the BFG redefines “overpowered.” It hurled giant balls of green plasma, killing almost anything in the game in one shot. The gun was even jacked by for Quake as the BFG10K, and was toned down in later Doom games to significantly decrease its pwnage factor.

5) Hammer – Super Smash Bros.


“Alright, new game, don’t forget to turn hammers off this time.” The weapon so cheap it’s almost been universally disabled in most Smash Bros. games, the hammer is just ultimate “#$%& you” weapon. Sure it’s possible to avoid it, and some characters can even barrel their way through it, but overall it’s still so cheap that you’ll be arguing with your friends that their win didn’t count.

4) Helicopter – Call of Duty 4


I never quite understood what the point was of giving the players who were on kill rampages extra bonuses. Oh, you’re wiping the floor with everyone and got seven kills in a row? Here’s an Apache helicopter so you can kill five more people without even doing anything! Whenever you hear the helicopter coming, COD becomes “cower in the nearest house” and pray that someone brought along an RPG.

3) Golden Gun – Goldeneye


Yeah, it’s awesome to have a gun that can kill in one shot, but it’s not exactly fair now is it? In campaign mode you could decimate a battalion of Russians in about thirty seconds, and in multiplayer, when someone found the golden gun, everyone else would be forced to team up and turn on them with RCP90s until they gave up the goods.

2) Farsight – Perfect Dark


Not only can the one-hit kill alien sniper rifle see through walls, there’s actually a mode called “target locator” which finds all your damn enemies for you. You can literally just hole up in a secure location, hold down R trigger and let the gun win the game for you.

1) Blue Shell – Mario Kart


There are no words to describe what it feels like to get hit by a blue shell when you’re seconds away from the finish line. It’s the only weapon designed specifically with the credo in mind of “let’s make the game easier for people who suck, while simultaneously punishing the good players.” It can take you from first to last in under three seconds. It can make you throw your controller through a wall. It has wings. It has spikes. It’s the blue %$^&ing shell.


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