The Top 10 Cheapest Video Game Weapons of All-Time

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They’re the weapons that are game changers. The ones that when acquired everyone else runs, hides or yells “cheaaap” through their headsets. Sure they’re readily available for all to potentially equip, but they’re so unbalanced that when you do find them, your enemies cower in fear whether they’re Spartans, Locusts or Goombas.

10) Pistol – Halo: Combat Evolved


Yeah, not exactly fearsome right? But when you first started playing the original Halo for Xbox, you were probably a bit puzzled. As you progressed through the game, you found that every weapon you got paled in comparison to the one you started with, the pistol. With its zoom-in scope and headshot prowess, there was little reason to use anything else, and most multiplayer battles just turned into a pistol-only frenzy. No wonder they toned it down in later games.

9) Fireball – Super Mario Bros.


The skill it took to correctly align yourself to bop enemies on the head in Super Mario Bros. went right out the window when you found the Fire Flower. You might as well just have had a 9mm, capping Goombas and Koopas left and right with unlimited ammo.

8 ) Hammer of Dawn – Gears of War


Look, I’m not saying the Hammer of Dawn isn’t a cool ass weapon, but imagine you’re a solider in the Locust army. You see a group of space marines stomping their way towards you and you think, “here’s my chance to defend my little Locust wife and kid back in the burrow” And then you’re suddenly obliterated by a beam of light shot by a satellite orbiting the earth. Life is not fair.

7) Mini Nuke – Fallout 3


Oh, so you have a nice little hunting rifle there? Well I have a nuclear bomb. The end-all be all of the “rocket launcher” type weapons, the mini nuke in Fallout 3 absolutely vaporizes anything in its path. Even if you miss, the splash damage is so large that afterward your enemy will probably be limping his way over to you, begging for you to finish him off before the radiation starts making him sprout extra limbs.

6) BFG 9000 – Doom


One of the most famous video games weapons ever, the BFG redefines “overpowered.” It hurled giant balls of green plasma, killing almost anything in the game in one shot. The gun was even jacked by for Quake as the BFG10K, and was toned down in later Doom games to significantly decrease its pwnage factor.

5) Hammer – Super Smash Bros.


“Alright, new game, don’t forget to turn hammers off this time.” The weapon so cheap it’s almost been universally disabled in most Smash Bros. games, the hammer is just ultimate “#$%& you” weapon. Sure it’s possible to avoid it, and some characters can even barrel their way through it, but overall it’s still so cheap that you’ll be arguing with your friends that their win didn’t count.

4) Helicopter – Call of Duty 4


I never quite understood what the point was of giving the players who were on kill rampages extra bonuses. Oh, you’re wiping the floor with everyone and got seven kills in a row? Here’s an Apache helicopter so you can kill five more people without even doing anything! Whenever you hear the helicopter coming, COD becomes “cower in the nearest house” and pray that someone brought along an RPG.

3) Golden Gun – Goldeneye


Yeah, it’s awesome to have a gun that can kill in one shot, but it’s not exactly fair now is it? In campaign mode you could decimate a battalion of Russians in about thirty seconds, and in multiplayer, when someone found the golden gun, everyone else would be forced to team up and turn on them with RCP90s until they gave up the goods.

2) Farsight – Perfect Dark


Not only can the one-hit kill alien sniper rifle see through walls, there’s actually a mode called “target locator” which finds all your damn enemies for you. You can literally just hole up in a secure location, hold down R trigger and let the gun win the game for you.

1) Blue Shell – Mario Kart


There are no words to describe what it feels like to get hit by a blue shell when you’re seconds away from the finish line. It’s the only weapon designed specifically with the credo in mind of “let’s make the game easier for people who suck, while simultaneously punishing the good players.” It can take you from first to last in under three seconds. It can make you throw your controller through a wall. It has wings. It has spikes. It’s the blue %$^&ing shell.

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  1. The pistol was so gay in Halo 1, not only could you shoot people from all the way across the map, but your screen flashed white when you got shot, making it so there was no way to tell where you were getting shot from. Halo 1 was so much more fun in multiplayer without using pistols.

  2. how can you forget the AWP from counter strike / source.
    the ultimate F*#@ weapon. Makes noobs cry, or is it noobs that use it? who knows? but it definitely creates the most DRAMA out of any weapon in any game

  3. I dont think the mini nuke (or the Fatman, whichever) should have been up there, the Tac launcher from Crysis was not only alot bigger, it was shown in some of the best graphics.

  4. Fat Man: Well, the Fat Man could be used pretty much anywhere, anytime. The Tac launcher could ONLY be used on a boss.

    AWP: It requires actual aim to use (despite the fact that it LOOKS effortless and kills in one hit almost anywhere). You can’t just go around spamming the AWP and insta-win.

    Spread Gun: Nah. Contra was bleeding hard with or without the Spread gun in the first place. It made the game a lot easier though, I agree.

    Just my $0.02’s worth.

  5. Turok 2’s Cerebral Bore definitely needed to be on this list.

    One-shot kill, infinite-range homing weapon in a multiplayer deathmatch scenario. It does not get cheaper than that.

    Incidentally, yesterday I actually DID manage to miss with the Fat Man.

  6. “The Farsight was an exact copy of the Automag from Timesplitters 2. The only thing different about them was the fact that you had to aim the Automag.”

    Perfect Dark predates Timesplitters 2.

  7. How about the Crissegram(sp?) from Castlevania:Symphony of the Night? The thousand-blades-per-second sword coupled with the fact that you could move while using it, makes you a walking, talking death dealer. Completely broken weapon, but oh so much fun to use.

  8. You totally forgot Duke Nukems shotgun with explosive shells, that gun was a 1-2shot in multiplayer, and equip that with the jet pack and that game was just dumb.

  9. I’m sorry but “biz” is wrong about the spread gun in Contra. He’s obviously never tried to beat the game without using the 99 lives cheat code or else he’d know that you NEED that gun to have a chance at survival. Rookie!!

  10. Not that you have much of a choice but the blue gravity gun at the end of Half Life 2 without doubt makes that section easier than if you could keep ya bullet shooters.

  11. so fucking true everyone of them. THE SHELL, THE HAMMER, and THE FARSIGHT especially. I remember so many arguments in the past ten years over all of them. lol great list.

  12. I think the Golden Gun should have been first. I had a Gameshark and always put on “All Guns Mode”. I always used the GG on the last level because I just got so pissed off that I had to wait for the guy to run down to the helicopter place, so I just killed him and did everything else.
    Other than that I agree with EVERYTHING

  13. The farsight? Maybe for mission running, but certainly not for multiplayer. The farsight is slow to track, slow to fire and takes a good amount of skill to tag a human player with it. It can be easily dodged by an experienced player (rank Perfect 1 here, my friends are not far behind that.) I think the cheapest multiplayer weapon in Perfect Dark is the laptop gun in turret sentry mode. It kills you almost instantly without any effort at all from the player who placed it. The only hope against it is explosives…but that means you have to spot it before it tags you…odds aren’t good. If you are extremely lucky it may be out of ammo when you find it. =-)

  14. The secondary fire on the pulse rifle in Half Life 2 Deathmatch shootout an energy ball that vaporizes anyone it hits (except for yourself). One noob could clear out a corridor with it. The guided rocket launcher is also an annoying spam weapon.

  15. How about noobtubes on CoD 4? Nothing is cheaper than playing Hardcore search and destroy and then having a guy on the opposing team launch a noob tube round at your teams spawn position killing the whole team. Ugh. So cheap.

  16. What about the Redeemer from any Unreal Tournament?

    Yes, you only had one shot, and it could be shot down, but a weapon that takes down everything in a massive radius is severely unbalanced in my opinion…

  17. What about Yoshimitsu´s sword in Tekken? a round kick at the start of the round and with a perfect timing <- <- + strong Punch and WHAM! kill! i got this way lots of frustrated friends XD even Pauls super Punch is not good as this trick 😛 because its cheap even i got bored to win this way 😛

  18. Well, not only was the redeemer a nuclear missle, the alternate fire made it a remote controlled nuclear missle. Yeah, using it left you open to attack, but if you could find a place to hide out while controlling it, your opponents were kinda screwed.

  19. Scorpion missile launcher in James Bond: Nightfire. Find a hiding spot (easily done), make sure it’s close to a Scorpion spawn point, watch your opponents cry while you send guided death raining down on them.

  20. That hammer is one thing that makes it easier to pwn n00bs when playing as Kirby. New players usually think hammer=invincible until Kirby drops in. If the hammer wielder is sufficiently damaged, they’ll be knocked off and unable to recover. Instant kill scored against the n00b who thought he could take you. I was partial to the bat, myself, because one hit is a knockout, guaranteed. The hammer takes a few hits to KO a victim.

  21. i probably have lost a hundred races that f/ing shell, (and lightning thingie,stars,super mushrooms) just because someone at place 7 or 8 always will get those items en all you get when your not a shitty player is some banana….

  22. lets not leave out the chainsaw in gow1 and 2 ill just hide till some one walks by then raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. What about the RYNO from ratchet and clank! One shot BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The screen has just been cleared. Its a great weapon but it makes everything easy. The ryno forever was even worse. But they are very cool weapons.

  24. I got a fat man only a few minutes after I had started the game…ran right into the brothers of steel, and followed them around till that behemoth showed up…one of the corpses after the battle had a fat-man and eight nukes.

    You have to realize the fat-man has some major disadvantages, one being the fact that I blow myself up 80% of the time I use it…

  25. Erm.. Heavy Weapons Guy’s Gatling Gun from Team Fortress Classic anyone? This thing was the weapon of choice for all noobs everywhere, 10,000 bullet per second, zero recoil, no reloading…..

  26. How about the RCP390 in Goldeneye 007? That thing shot out like 80 rounds in a few seconds. On top of that, you could wield 2 of them at the same time.

  27. What about the expiremental Merv from Fallout?

    You shoot EIGHT nukes at once, nothing survives it.

    There’s is also the glitched revolver which is basically a magnum, that does 260000 damage in the game, kills anything single shot.

  28. My first thought was the Crissaegrim from castlevania: symphony of the night. Once you got it, the game was no longer an action-rpg at all. It was just an rpg. A really easy one.

  29. Don’t forget all of the superweapons from the Worms series! Nothing was worse than having an opponent down to 1 Worm, and then he goes and uses Armageddon.

  30. Somebody else pointed it out but you can dodge the blue shell, it’s much harder than reds but it is possible. The train is the easiest cart for this. As far as getting hit right at the finish line, if you haven’t figured to power slide and boost to either dodge it or use the boost to cross the line, you deserve to get hit. The crappy thing is that once you dodge it, a player near the end immediately gets another one.

  31. theres a weapon is castlevania symphony of the night called like crissaegrim or something like that and when you used you could walk forward THROUGH lvls without getting hit…find a video of it and see for yourself how crazy it is

  32. I can’t believe that the Protoss Carrier from Starcraft didn’t make number 1, let alone didn’t make the list at all. Easily the most overpowered weapon in any game of the Real Time Strategy genre.

  33. Daniel – good call on OddJob. That little dude was f**king impossible to hit. I had a love/hate relationship with the Proximity mines as well, mostly because I always forgot where I put them and couldn’t be bothered to watch where anyone else did. And of course we would always put them on the ceiling, or around a corner, or my favourite – right where you could pick up more proximity mines 😉

  34. The Farsight you did have to aim and you can totally dominate in deathmatch. I kept 3 other teammates and sims off of the radar until I won. They never stayed alive long enough to show up on radar after respawn! Yea these people were not my friends after that game. Sims don’t hold grudges HA HA!

  35. how about the laptop gun in perfect dark?? , its a machine gun w/ like a 1000 bullets and in secondary mode its a frigging sentry which you could attach to walls or a long hallway, it couldnt get cheaper than that!!!!!

  36. i dont think the hammer of dawn or the attack helicopter should be on here, the hammer of dawn was only usable in un-sheltered areas and a sattelite had to be near it, and as for the attack helicoppter if you got 7 kills you deserved something, what you want to give it to the guy that died 7 times, then everyone would be dieing on purpose, other than that it was a good list

  37. Holy shit, reading all of these brings back so much memories! Also I have to say Farsight WAAAAY cheaper than Laptop gun, I recall of a gun in Perfect Dark that allows you to detect harmful objects such as: Laptop gun (In Sentry Mode), Dragon gun (In Proximity Mine Mode) and other such things so you can avoid those; Farsight tracks you and you can’t run away it follows you through walls don’t even have to aim really the screen stays focused on the target no matter what. Farsight = UBER Great, that means its DOUBLE GREAT.

  38. so you are mad at COD 4 for rewarding good players with the attack heli. but you are alos mad at mario cart for rewarding bad players with the shell, make up your mind

  39. For Fallout 3 you could add a few more like the Alien Blaster can vaporize most baddies in a 3 shots or less, the Paralyzing palm perk can freeze deathclaws and yao guai and leave them helpless as you finish them at your leisure. The experemental MIRV is a fatman that launches like 6 nukes…

    But me personally I don’t think there really that cheap at all considering its a single player game, plus you have to find them and have the relevent skill sets to use them effectively.

  40. fatwhitenerd true but really it was a combo of both, the maian weapons were a little over the top compared w/ others, the crmp were the ones w/explosive sentry locators but they were weak…. perfect 1 btw

  41. pfft golden gun was a joke. take off auto aim in verse + its slow reload and it sucks balls. RCP90 was teh shit. cheap cheap shit.
    i agree blue shell was a bitch.
    cheapest shit was kirby move set in ssb. his down a and and ability to recover from everything made him such a bitch. hammer isnt bad. 3/4 of the characters can easily kill anyone with a hammer.

  42. How about the Plasma rifle, smartdisc or autogun from AvP2(Pred, pred and marine respectively)

    I’m surprised the fireflower was Mario’s input. Hammer Suit anyone? Killed everything they touched and when you crouched you were invulnerable to fireballs.

    Carriers were tough yes, but not cheap, and certainly not invul. They took a lot of time to build and while the zerg were generally dead against them, generally any halfway decent zerg player could take out a protoss base before they could get to carriers. Terrans however could put those science vessels and ghosts to use. Lockdowns, EMPs and Defensive Matrices 4tw.

  43. I know its hard to get, and secret so it doesn’t really count, but if you manage to get the scarab gun in halo 2, the blast from a single shot pretty much takes up the entire screen. And its automatic.

  44. AIB already pointed it out, but the cheapest gun ever was the God Hand in Rise of the Triads.

    For those who don’t remember, you’d hold out your hand and shoot 1 energy ball. It would track down and kill every single enemy on the board, regardless of where they were or how powerful. You’d watch their “souls” leave their bodies and float up. There was no dodging it, absolutely no skill involved, and it was a 1 shot, everyone’s dead weapon, that left you safe.

  45. BLAAAAAH !!! Where’s the “DUAL OMFG GUN” UT2k4 mod with 2000 rockets ? Machine-gun-speed rocket launcher or spread rocket fire, one killer machine in each hand !!!

  46. What about Unreal’s redeemer?
    Your own personal thermonuclear cruise missile?
    I loved it, people ran if I had it and if anyone else had it I shot it mid air killing the player who launched it.
    To powerfull a thrilling game tho.

    Half life’s Tau Cannon I absolutely hated.
    I’m sure people shot me through walls and I never figured out how.

    MDK’s World’s Smallest Nuclear bomb anyone?
    Ok that was actually funny.

  47. not really mush of these, but what about stun weapons and other movementimapring weapons, the only thing you could do was w8ing it out or killed unless you were able to shoot, good its reducced low time and low dmg

    and for those ninja faqs who ran away with shadowmourne, to bad you cant use it well, current best weapon or near

  48. yeah, blue shell is absolutely first i hate that unbalanced piece of crap. I swear the more you get first, the more this thing comes and @%#$* you in the ass. My record is 5 blue shells in one race
    (I lost)

  49. what about the laser gun in resident evil 4 after winning on pro, you could kill literally 8 zombies with one fully charged shot… plus the gun was free from the merchant so you didnt have to buy it

  50. A lot of people mentioning the Crissaegrim from SotN… the cheapest weapon in there was actually Alucard’s Shield. Using the shield rod magic you had a shield that did huge damage on contact that healed you and turned you invincible. Plus you didn’t need to grind for hours to get it.

    If Crissaegrim made the game super easy, the shield completely tossed any resemblance of gameplay out of the window.

    BTW, I fricking hate that damn blue shell. Sure you can avoid it, but often it will come at that last stretch of the race, where there’s no room to power slide. On the last lap, too. It’s just infuriating.

  51. Chaosblade and Ice Rapier in Dark Souls 2. Those things are stupidly overpowered and unbalanced, making them the epitome of a cheap weapon.

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