Hunting Down a Real Life Pikachu


If it’s Pokemon-related, my interest is piqued, so when some YouTubers claimed they had hunted down a real life Pikachu, I was ready to be amazed.

What they found was a yellow cat, but one that still packs quite a wallop. Clever editing and good finish make this short video worth a look, and I wonder if they’re going to continue the series. I think it would be easy enough to strap some cannons onto a turtle’s back for a shoot, don’t you?

I guess they couldn’t CGI a mouse big enough to work. Pika-cat is pretty adorable though, and at least he doesn’t yap all the time like that damn Meowth. Did they ever explain why he could actually talk in the show? That always bothered me as a kid.

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  1. I was about to think this fandom had gone to a scary, surreal level that required an intervention but then the ending happened. Was worth it for the laugh and the clever editing.

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