10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist

Call to Exist

Tokyo Ghoul has always been a fan favorite when it comes to all of the anime that’s made it mainstream. The dark fantasy was written as a manga in 2014 and was made into an animation in the same year. Adult Swim was the network chosen for the airing in the US while Viceland was in control of broadcasting it in the UK. They’ve recently announced that they’re going to be releasing Tokyo Ghoul as a video game. It’s going to feature the same core characters while mixing in the old storyline with new events. Even though the game goes into extreme details, it can’t possible tell you everything you need to know in the short period that it has. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of 10 things you didn’t know about Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist.

1. The Iconic Bandai Namco Fighting Style

If you’re a fan of Bandai Namco games then you might have seen some of their fighting games. They’re full of flashy moves that bring out the action and unique graphics that you won’t find anywhere else. All of their fighting games have a specific button overlay and concept that is found when it comes to combat. The same fighting style is going to be used in Tokyo Ghoul re Call to Exist so you know it’s going to be good.

2. Life Stealing Ghouls

It’s a known fact that ghouls can survive for a month off of one human body. This is because they use their blood as food and nutrients to stay alive. Luna is one of the main ghouls who does this to sustain a living. Luna might have life stealing abilities when it comes to the video game. This would mean that all of her attacks that land against her opponent heal her for a percentage of her life.

3. The Wards Of The Area

The 23 wards of Tokyo are basically like the states of the United States. They’re sectioned off and given a name or number. The 24 wards of Tokyo Ghoul are based on the wards of Tokyo. The 24th ward is a fictional one that they made up in the series to make it more unique and interesting. The wards are one of the areas that you can choose to fight on in the game.

4. The Italian Version Has Famous Voice Actors

Those of you who play video games know that there’s a setting that people almost never use called the language settings. This controls the voice of the characters as well as the captions that show up while playing the video game. The Italian voice option was dubbed by the some of the cast in the famous American tv show The Big Bang Theory. Leonard, Stewart, Penny, and Howard all use the same voice as some of the players in the game.

5. Kaneki’s Transformations

Kaneki is know to be able to transform on will and become more powerful. What a lot of people don’t know is that the transformation that he does in the anime is different than the one that he does in the manga. This might play an important role in the video game as some speculate that they will do the same thing and give him a different transformation. If that doesn’t happen then the game is sure to let players use both the anime and manga transformations.

6. Aogiri’s Power

While it may not be shown in the anime, Aogiri has been seen in the manga to be able to turn people into ghouls. This could lead to two things when it comes to tying his powers into a video game. Aogiri will probably be able to summon ghouls that will attack and defend against his opponents attacks. It could also be one of his finishing moves where he just turns his enemy into a ghoul and wins the match.

7. Secret Appearance

In the Toyko Ghoul anime, one of the characters was portayed to have died in the end. It may be unclear whether or not they’re actually dead or alive because the show did some pretty sketchy things with the death scene. Some say that they will make an appearance in the game as a plot twist. It might also be that they’re a secret unlockable character or someone in a DLC pack.

8. Which Rize is Rize?

Rize is known to be friends with Kaneki when it comes to Tokyo Ghoul. They share a strong a special bond that nobody else in the show has. Rize was thought to be dead but is confirmed to be alive in the series and is completely insane. This would mean that all of Kaneki’s interactions with her happened within his own mind. This makes the game come to a complete split where you have one side being Kaneki using Rize as a summoning move or Rize being a playable character herself.

9. The Ghoul Cafe Is Real

One of the maps that you’ll be able to play on in Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist is The Ghoul Cafe. It’s a real cafe that’s based in Japan and is famous for being haunted. The creators of Tokyo Ghoul incorporated this into their anime and made it a place as an homage. The Ghoul Cafe is known to be a hectic battlegrounds in the anime so don’t take it lightly in the video game.

10. The Creator of The Battle Suit

A lot of questions arose when this game was announced to be released. Is Kaneki going to be in his armor and is Tsukiyama going to be a playable character? Ever since Ishida told Kaneki that Tsukiyama was the one who made his battle suit he has wanted to meet them. Toyko Ghoul:re Call to Exist might be the perfect place for that to happen.

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