Why Fortnite Chapter 3 Is Better Than Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally here, bringing with it a new map which is the first in over two years, as well as many new weapons and exciting mechanics to use for the first time. Chapter 2 ran from October 2019 to December 2021 and for many players is all they knew when it came to the game. Before then, Chapter 1 ran from September 2017 to October 2019, making Chapter 2 the longest Chapter in the game so far, despite only spanning eight seasons compared to the ten in Chapter 1.

Now that Fortnite Chapter 3 has been out for a few weeks and we’re all used to the new map and mechanics, so now is the perfect time to look at whether Chapter 3 is better than Chapter 2, what it does better than the previous Chapter, and what things about Chapter 2 are still superior to Chapter 3.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Was Bland

When Fortnite Chapter 2 launched in October 2019, many players were ready for a change after the Chapter 1 map got too chaotic thanks to the constant changes and additions to the map. Chapter 2 Season 1 went back to basics, with a new map that was missing all of the craziness that we left in Chapter 1, as well as a scaled-down loot pool, just consisting of Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Explosives. All of the “fun” items were gone and it felt like a throwback to Chapter 1 Season 1.

With the game going back to basics, many players felt like Season 1 was very bland. I am in the minority in that I really enjoyed the stripped-back version of Fortnite. But, Chapter 2 Season 1 lasted for a total of 128 days, the longest season in the history of the game, which when the loot pool and map were barebones and only one new item was added in the entirety of the season, it is understandable why many players dislike the season today.

Whereas with Chapter 3 Season 1, we got the same new map and new pool as we saw in Chapter 2, but there have already been numerous additions to the game, even if they were short-lived.

The Chapter 3 Loot Pool Is Exciting But Needs Some Tweaks

Fortnite Chapter 3 has completely overhauled the loot pool, with no weapons from Chapter 1 or 2 being part of the core weapons with the exception of Grenades and healing items. Some weapons have returned since such as the Snowball Launcher and Clingers, but these are likely only going to be in the game for a short period of time. Two new Assault Rifles, two Shotguns, a new SMG, Pistol, and Sniper Rifle have been added to the game, with one of the ARs being one that players of other games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends will feel very comfortable using due to the first-person aim down sights mechanic.

While it is exciting to get a new loot pool, it does need some tweaking, mainly with some weapons being either too overpowered or others being too weak. The Spider-Man Web Shooters, Snowball Launcher, and Clingers have also shown there is still a place for the more fun weapons and items in the game so hopefully, we see more of them and don’t get another bland season like Chapter 2 Season 1.

The Chapter 3 Map Is Much Better Designed

The Chapter 2 map was very bland and didn’t see too many changes throughout the entirety of the eight seasons, with the exception of the Marvel and Primal-themed seasons. Much of the terrain was flat with very few changes in terrain, except one mountain area on the southeast portion of the map. The Chapter 3 map has a similar feel to Chapter 1, with many different terrains in the same areas, making for a much more exciting experience.

But The Map Is Still Barebones

Despite the map being better designed as a whole, it isn’t all good news. The Chapter 3 map is currently fairly barebones with it feeling like there are large parts of the map between POIs, as well as POIs feeling very random in placement and nature, they just don’t flow as well as the Chapter 1 or 2 maps currently. But, it is still very early days in Chapter 3, with it likely lasting until late 2023 or even into 2024, so there are plenty of opportunities for Epic Games to shake up the map. We already know that Tilted Towers will be making a return to the game in January 2022, which will certainly once again become the most popular landing spot in the game.

Please Stop With The Constant Collaborations

Although I know this is the direction that the game is going and it has become a giant advertisement for other franchises, can we please stop with the constant collaborations? In the early days of Fortnite, we saw the Thanos collaboration in mid-2018, and then didn’t see another collaboration until Epic Games partnered with Marvel again in 2019, then in the summer of 2019, we saw Batman and Catwoman come to the game, as well as Gotham City. These felt special because they were spread out and meant something to the game, with the DC collaboration adding a new POI and the Marvel collaboration adding a new LTM. Nowadays, collaborations have been known to take place immediately after one another, most recently the Matrix Item Shop items left the game the day the Star War Boba Fett collaboration began. And, the vast majority of collaborations are now just skins, with very few being taken further than that and impacting the game itself in terms of weapons and locations.

It is a shame that the game is so full of collaborations now because none of them feel very special and don’t create the “fear of missing out” feeling that they used to. Unless you’re a big fan of the franchise being added to the game there isn’t any urgency or motivation to buy yet another skin in the game.

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