Now You Too Can be a Simoleon with the Censorship Towel

Straight from the censors at The Sims comes this new flesh colored towel that makes it look like you’re blurring yourself out when you step out of the shower.

Unfortunately, the product is just a prototype for whatever reason. I’m not sure how hard it is to get 15 shades of flesh color and put them together on a towel, but apparently it’s more difficult than I imagined.

It works a bit better for the girl, because the implication for the guy is that he has a rather long, well…you know. That explains why he’s standing so proudly like that.

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  1. Carmelo, never underestimate the power of marketing. If they do start making and selling these, they will make ones in darker skin too, because EA does not want to miss any opportunity to make a buck.

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