Now That’s a Game I Want to See

There’s a running joke on the internet about how modern FPS games don’t contain enough dinosaurs. The Battlefield developers have snuck a few into their promotional shots as a joke, but the point still stands, there really have not been any good dinosaur games in years. I would argue not since the original Turok (the sequel was shit).

Artist Modsreloaded had a great idea that I think is worth hearing out. Out of every video game franchise that could tackle the beasts, I think Lara Croft might be the best equipped for it. She could stumble upon some sort of “Lost World” type island in the South Pacific and battle treasure hunters and dinosaurs alike. Best of all, we could bring back the ingenious Jurassic Park health bar that would certainly suit her character.

[via GeekPinata]

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  1. There was a T-Rex in the original (I think, it might have been the second one) Tomb Raider. If I remember correctly you couldn’t kill it you just had to dodge it around the level while solving a puzzle or two.

  2. As people have already mentioned, there were dinosaurs in Tomb Raider. This is less an interesting idea and more a drawing of something that already exists.

  3. @Warren

    you actually could kill that T-Rex, you had to lure him to that one and only opening you could climb through and then shoot him from there at a safe distance. I’ve done it and it takes A LOT of bullets.

  4. thanks for bringing in anniversary.
    there you had to fight that stupid t-rex (killed me about 5 times until i knew what to to) and you can kill that one by head-ramming it into some spikey walls around that place.
    really cool fight… should play through that game again sometime^^

  5. FYI there was a proper ‘lost world’ with different dinosaurs and tribesmen in Tomb Raider 3, one of the levels was in the South Pacific Islands.

  6. Thank god for my fellow geeks… I saw the picture and immediately thought “Man, a SECOND T-Rex would have made that fight suck…”

    Then, I read the article, and the line “there’s a game I’d like to see” and thought “I need to go down to the comments and write “Busty Indiana Jones pastiche vs Jurassic Park is a great high concept; if you like that sort of thing, you should check out this game ‘Tomb Raider’; Lara fights a T-Rex and raptors in at LEAST 3 games…”

    Since they got all that snarkiness out of the way, I can just say “Damn, Lara looks gorgeous there… great artist.”

  7. Level 3 in “Tomb Raider” had raptars and a T-rex. You could kill him too, real easy actually.

    Level 1 in “Tomb Raider 2” in a hidden area, there were 2 of them.

    Also in “Tomb Raider 3”, in the level with the crashed airplane in the South Pacific levels.

    And then of course again in Anniversary

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