A Complete Wish List For Battlefield 6

“Battlefield 5” didn’t get the attention of some of the other popular video games, but it does have its share of followers. Those who discovered the shooter game realize that it’s improved over time with exciting battles, multiple updates with Firestorm just one of them. It’s time to turn to the next version of the game coming out. Players are looking forward to the release of “Battlefield 6,” as we’re drawing closer to the time of its emergence. Fans of the game have come out in droves to share their personal wish lists for the new installment. We’ve gathered all the information we could find about what fans want to see, and what we know so far about the new “Battlefield 6” that is expected within the year.

1. New multiplayer mode

Games Today delivered a wish list that is packed with aids to make the next chapter of the game more efficient. Players want a new mode for multiplayer that features 15 squads of 10. The consensus is that they’d like to see the game revolve around battles that reward players for being the last character standing akin to a battle royale.

2. Specific equipment for squads

In addition to the new player mode, there are some hefty wishes infused into the mix. Gamers would like to see every squad come out with a list of equipment that includes a person in a tank, an IFV, and a jet. They want all of the squads to spawn at various locations on the map. This would be a huge improvement instead of spawning at certain spots. They want the tank drivers and pilots in the jets to have a greater capacity for efficient use of their vehicles to enhance the odds for survival of their squads.

3. Battlefield tips

Gamers shared that they want to see more battlefield tips to help them figure out the best strategies early in the game. It would be nice to have just a few hints during active play to give you an inkling about how to proceed when the going gets tough. Any tips that would help cut down on the incidences of tough levels that hold you back from making progress with your character would be appreciated.

4. Get rid of the clutter

Players shared the wish to make the gameplay a bit cleaner. There are a lot of obstacles on the previous maps such as trees and other ill-placed items that block your line of sight. They’d like to see less of these interferences so they can get an idea of where the enemy is at. It’s frustrating when you keep getting picked off because one of them was hiding behind a tree that really didn’t need to be there in the first place.

5. Make the campaign longer

Another wish on the list of players is to make the campaign longer in duration. While the developers have provided a few war stories that give us a little insight into the backstory of the characters, they’re not nearly long enough. Players want to have more stories about more characters. It would greatly improve the game if the stories were longer and if a little more was told about them throughout the game.

6. How about a single-player experience?

The multiplayer landscape is cool, but there hasn’t been a lot offered for a single-player experience. Players would like to see an expansion into this territory that gives us all some solo campaign time. We’d also like to have some challenging single-player experiences that help to build skills and strategizing abilities. Give us something along the single-player lines that makes us really think about what we’re doing.

7. Clean up the multiplayer experience

The interface for multiplayer mode on Battlefield is messy, to say the least, for “Battlefield 5.” We’d like to see the gambit of tiers and layers and screens better organized into something less busy, yet has greater options for accessibility. The current outlay of the screens becomes tedious and burdensome.

8. A full game at release

Battlefield Forums gives us several more wishes that players have high on their list. The first is for a full version of the game to come out at the release date. This is a lofty one as it doesn’t usually work that way, but wouldn’t it be grand? It would probably take a lot longer for the developers to accomplish this feat, but hey, we can still dream can’t we?

9. No bugs

Here is another elevated wish that would probably extend the release date by at least a year or two. Players shared that they’d like to see a bug-free version of the game delivered upon its release. We all know that it can take a while to get all the kinks worked out, and it seems like new bugs come out of the ether during intense gameplay, but it would be nice to have a game with no major glitches or bugs because they’re frustrating.

10. Design the maps taller for special modes

Players would also like to see some changes in the design of the maps. We’ve seen quite a few requests to have the maps change under special modes. The most frequently seen request is for taller maps for certain modes versus the generic maps.

11. Return to the full-story mode

While the bits and pieces of the story are helpful, it would be nice if the developers get back to a full story mode. Players want to see a well-written story that helps to draw players into the game. We all love a good story and it’s a bit item on the wish list to expand the storyline and make it more complete. Give us more to think about as we’re playing and make it a bit more interesting.

12. Create a character who can jump over the small stuff

One of the frequent complaints about “Battlefield” is that there isn’t a character that can jump over small obstacles. This would be a helpful feature. It’s one that fans of the game wish would be included with the next installation because this has been an ongoing issue since the franchise first launched.

13. Make gameplay more challenging

Comments about the new TTK suggest that it would be better if the developers would make the gameplay as it did in previous installments before the new TTK. They like the difficulty because once you learn how to master it, it’s more rewarding.

14. Get rid of the coin system

Fans of “Battlefield” aren’t big on the coin system for unlocking things. They prefer the old school style that features playing with a gun to unlocking the trappings for it. They’d like to see less of microtransactions and more of the good old fashioned purchase of skins for the guns and uniforms so you can just go out and buy them.

15. Developers who listen to the community

Players would really like to see more interaction between developers and the community of players. They’d like more input into the design features. Since they’re the consumers who are buying and playing the game, it would be nice if developers would consult with the fan base and agree to some of the requests for improvement and cool new features. One of the biggest complaints was about changing TTK and they wish that DICE would listen to them about this and other topics.

16. Do a better job of marketing

Some of the more seasoned players are not happy with the current marketing strategies. They’d like to see the company hire a professional marketing team to stir up more hype for the game. They don’t like the way that the game is marketed and they don’t believe that it has achieved its full potential in this area. There would probably be a lot more people playing the game if the marketing was improved.

17. Give us a modern setting

Another item on the wish list is for a modern setting. Players would like to see the time start in the 1980s and progress through the present year.

18. More factions

Fans of “Battlefield” would like to see the sixth installation come out with many different factions. They want more variety of diversity to change up the game and make it more interesting.

19. Weapons attachments

One of the most common call-outs to developers is to include a lot of different weapons in the game. They’d also like to see the creators bring back weapons attachments.

20. A definite launch date

Trusted Reviews has about as much news as anyone else, but they do have a few items to add to the wish list. Players have already waited a long time and they’re starting to get a little antsy. There hasn’t been much press released about the game, except for its confirmation and official announcement. The developers are remaining tight-lipped about the contents of “Battlefield 6,” and we don’t really know what to expect at this point. There hasn’t been an official trailer released, so how about starting with that?

What we know about “Battlefield 6” so far

Electronic Arts have not confirmed the release date for the new installation of the game, but they did announce that it is currently in the works and set for release sometime in the company’s 2022 fiscal year. This runs from April of 2021 through March of 2022. They’re leaving the rest up to our imaginations. Trusted Reviews thinks that the game is most likely to come out in the later months just before the end of 2021. It is likely to be one of those special releases just before the Christmas shopping season. Although the developers haven’t released much information about it yet, they did say that it’s going to be compatible with next-generation gaming platforms. “Battlefield 6” is likely to come out for PlayStation 5. We’re probably going to also see it in the Xbox Series X consoles. This leads us to believe that we’re going to see enhancements in resolution and visual features. It’s also likely that game performance is going to be improved.

We know nothing about where the battle will take place or the time era. Since the previous installations have taken us into both World Wars, it’s likely to feature a more modern setting, but this has not yet been confirmed. They may choose to take some aspect of previous battles to expand upon. It’s hoped that developers will, at least, take a look at the many wish lists that players have posted in forums and other online venues. Up until now, that hasn’t been the case.

Final thoughts

It’s a reasonable bet that we’re going to hear more about the new “Battlefield 6” in the early spring of 2021. We’d be surprised if we don’t see at least a trailer released to give us a taste of the things to come, around March or April. It really all depends on how far the developers have come with their completion of the game. We still have a good year or more to go until we shall see the game released. Fans of “Battlefield 5” have high hopes to get their wishes fulfilled in the latest installation. The laundry list of aspects of the game that we’d like to see cleaned up is growing as we anticipate the things that might be short. We’re all hoping that the game creators will hire a professional marketing firm to help build a little more excitement. We’re sure in the coming months there will be much more information released. For now, we can only give our opinions and hope they listen.

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