Kloa: Child of the Forest is a Throwback to RPGs of the 16-bit Era

Kloa: Child of the Forest is a new top-down retro fantasy adventure paying homage to many classics of the 16-bit era. When it comes to the history of video games, the 16-bit generation is known to be the most cherished. Hence, this is why we are seeing indie developers craft games that reflect that golden era of games. Kloa: Child of the Forest is being developed by Wildpad Games.

The story is about a strange curse overtaking the forest and slowly devouring it. A child named Kloa is chosen to be the warrior to embark on a journey to cleanse the evil sweeping the land and restore the natural beauty of the woods. This is a simply constructed plot, which is enough to entice indie gamers to set off on this journey. Being crafted with old-fashioned lush pixel art, this game was clearly inspired by classic RPGs like Secret of Mana and Legend of Zelda.

The art style of Kloa: Child of the Forest compliments the magic and wonders of this world. Being separated by various biomes, there are vastly different environments to explore. Additionally, this game also comes with a rather deep combat system that isn’t found in many games of this type. For a small project, this game does have some surprises in it.

This world is rich with things to find and characters to meet. The animals in this forest are corrupted by the curse and they will attack Kloa at any chance. On the other side, there will also be friendly creatures untouched by the darkness which will assist Kloa. This epic journey won’t be for the faint of heart, because this game provides a hefty challenge. Of course, games of yesteryear were usually notorious for their difficulty and this game is certainly echoing that.

Tree Whisperer

Now, Kloa: Child of the Forest is an action RPG in its purest form. Players will be free to explore an open world that’s rife with treasures to dig up and secret locations to find. This game isn’t aiming to set a new standard with retro RPGs by any means. Instead, it’s simply enhancing an old formula that is tried and true. As with any other RPG, there will be merchants and stores to visit selling goods. However, the currency in this game isn’t the standard gold, silver, or rupees, but rather Tanuki Leaves.

This will be found in key places in the forest, waiting to be plucked in special fields and trees. Inventory management will be a factor in this title. Storing important items will be essential in not only combat but exploration as well. A bomb detonating a blockade and brandishing new weapons to smite advanced foes will all be available to collect.

The combat in Kloa: Child of the Forest will come with some more strategy in comparison to other games of its ilk. Kloa will be able to deflect projectiles and zing them back to her enemies. Thus, she can also guard against melee attacks and gain her footing during sword fights. The melee in this title is a little more nuanced and satisfying as opposed to the “attack and dodge” motif found in other top-down RPGs.

Speaking of dodging, Kloa also comes with a dash to help her get out of harm’s way. Not to mention, it also helps clear distances in a short amount of time. In addition to her katana, Kloa also comes with a bow and arrow. This is a special bow called the “Soul Bow” which fires magical arrows to destroy enemies. Let’s not forget that Kloa can also unlock special abilities that make her a more efficient fighter.

The Woeful and The Woods

Kloa will be able to fight hordes of enemies with a combo system that is in place. It appears to be impactful and dense with a listed move set. The enemies will riddle the screen and players will need to be on the move to not get hit. The fighting will be fast-paced and constantly evolving. It is also worth noting that the weapons will also be used to open up various pathways.

Situations like shooting a bell that summons platforms are just one example. Of course, there will be bosses to fight in Kloa: Child of the Forest. Everything from massive warriors to immense woodland beasts will need to be beaten to progress through the story. This game is an old-fashioned adventure in many ways and the inclusion of bosses is only fitting for a title of this kind.

Lastly, this game will also come with a fully orchestrated soundtrack. It compliments this fantastical adventure with its Eastern flavor and accents. There is a lot to look forward to regarding fans of retro RPGs and indies alike. Pixel art is now a deliberate design choice instead of a necessity. There was always something inherently charming about pixel work in video games and it only adds to the magic of Kloa: Child of the Forest.

This game is a refreshing mix of cultures that molds a world that is a melting pot of beauty. Even though a game like this may be deemed too “simplistic” by some gamers out there, there is no doubt that there is still a niche group that savors titles like this. This game is still early in development and it is going to be a while before gamers will get their hands on it. From what was seen by the trailer, it appears to be on the right track.

Forests, Fantasy, and Fun

The thing is that Kloa: Child of the Forest won’t be out until the end of next year. So, it going to be some time until players will actually dive in. The developers are always ready and willing to take some feedback from the gaming community. Kloa: Child of the Forest is being made by a small team and the passion is clearly there. There will most likely be tweaks and changes with the core gameplay mechanics as time goes on. Until further notice, this game will be an exclusive title for the PC.

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