This “Legend Of Zelda” Korok Cake Rocks

Throughout the years, we have seen many wonderful culinary concoctions made by some of the best and most talented bakers, some of which even get featured on many of our favorite shows and social media outlets. The cakes and other sweet treats have become more and more extravagant as new challenges are being made, and now we are even seeing some of our favorite characters from film and games come to life as well. Such is the case for this outstanding and one of a kind ‘Legend of Zelda’ Korok cake, that was created by the mastermind behind Always Be Caking. You can see the truly amazing cake yourself posted below:

This cake is truly a piece of art. It features a Korok, which is a forest spirit race that exist in the realm of Zelda, dancing on top of a tree stump, surrounded by beautiful vines and flowers. The self proclaimed baking artist behind Always Be Baking is Amber Shirelle, who also owns the shop Amber’s Little Cupcakery (which also has an Instagram account that features her amazing cake designs). She learned to bake from a young age and it has been in the family for many generations. Needless to say, she has learned one masterful trade, and her case have the best attention to detail that we have ever seen.

Like we said before, many of her cakes are featuring some of your favorite animated characters from film, television, and even video games. There is nothing that is out of her reach when it comes to her designs, and she even has made occasion cakes for many clients as well. You can find more of her fantastic cake and cupcake designs that she has created on her Always Be Caking Instagram account as well as her Ambers Little Cupcakery Instagram account, which are linked as well.

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