Pocket Monsters of Mass Destruction

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Another day, another post that inspires me to wax poetic about why Pokemon refuses to grow up with its fans into something cool.

This illustration from MeAndMyRobot imagines what it might look like if Pokemon met say, Monster Hunger. As expected the result is a game I’d want to play, though I will undoubtedly be stuck playing the next installment on my 3DS.

Forget maturing, I just want a real console game. I don’t care if it’s aimed at four year olds, but if they still don’t make one when the WiiU controller is quite literally a Pokedex, I’m seriously going to question Nintendo’s sanity.

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  1. Is Pokemon still popular enough for them to make a console game out of it? I feel as if my view on this subject is skewed because I see so much Pokemon stuff on the site here that I may be thinking it’s still much more popular than it actually is.

  2. I don’t understand why Pokemon has to “grow up” with its fans… As though it doesn’t gain thousands of new fans every single year (it does). The game has a solid infrastructure of competitive gamers and is very solid in terms of mechanics and complexity, so “ADD LOTZ AND LOTZ OF SPLOSIONS!!!!” seems like the opposite of mature to me…

  3. i actually really like the pokemon manga as well as the game but it would be awesome if the pokemon games for wii were real-time battle and not when you have to choose the attack though i get why they make the game the way they do

  4. @Drew
    We’re not asking for Pokémon to “ADD LOTZ AND LOTZ OF SPLOSIONS” as you so bluntly put it. We simply want a more mature version of the anime/game series. I stopped watching the anime because I’m sick of the characters never growing up. Do I want a 50-year-old Ash? Not at all. But should he stay 10 forever? Again, the answer is no. They could age him a little, make him a TAD more mature. Either that, or make a whole new series alongside the existing one based off of this:



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