Street Fighter 6 – JP Character Breakdown

Street Fighter 6 is introducing some new faces this time around. Even though half of the roster is returning legacy fighters, some fresh blood are throwing themselves into the frey. One of the most unique new fighters is JP. When zoners are concerned, JP ranks up there as the most well-equipped. He comes with a slew of moves that are made to keep his opponents at bay. Thus, he also has a bit of tricky trap-setting moves that can trip up the player. He can be a bit technical and most likely best-suitable for seasoned players.

His moves have a pretty good reach to them. Not as extensive as Dhalsim, but still far enough to be annoying. With quick enough hands, a player can spam his attacks during the entire match. He can deal moderate damage and keep his opponents on the other side of the arena during a fight. JP is not a ‘hands-on’ fighter by any means. His move set is all about projectiles and controlling the situation. A JP player can fence off an opponent, making them hesitant to make an approach. Alternatively, JP can also teleport to his opponent and trade some blows if he feels so inclined.

No doubt that JP won’t be for everybody. He is custom-made to fit a particular play style. He can take some getting used to. Once you get the hang of him, he can easily become your main and score some easy victories. Plus, JP can be the master of air juggles that come associated with his Super Arts Moves. There are a number of ways to combine all his moves, which can spell out some rather devastating combos. Especially, when it concerns the ‘Drive System.’

JP’s Power Moves

So, the vast majority of JP’s Power Moves in Street Fighter 6 come in the form of projectiles and traps. This is what he is all about and all these moves should be taken advantage of. They all come with varied ranges and some can even be feinted. JP’s basic moves are nothing special. He is best used as a last resort when things get ‘close and personal.‘ The best way to use JP is by spamming his projectiles and keeping the opponent guessing.


Roll a fourth of a circle forward, then press punch. JP will swing his staff and knock an opponent in the teeth with it. It’s a good standing neutral move, but also handy for putting in combos, as well.


Press down, down, and punch. JP will cause an eruption of energy to burst out of the ground, sending the opponent back to the other side of the arena. It comes with a pretty good reach and is not a bad choice for within combos.


Press, down, down and kick. This move is a special counter that will enable JP to knock back his opponent. Plus, he will set up a bomb, which will detonate and send his foe up in the air. Suitable for setting up air juggles.


Roll a quarter of a circle forward, then press kick. JP will launch a projectile that looks like a ghostly version of himself. It moves quickly and can smack an opponent from across the arena. It can also be feinted for added confusion.


Roll a quarter of a circle back, then press kick. JP can grab his opponent from afar and execute some grappling damage.


Roll a quarter of a circle back, then press punch. This is JP’s trap move, which can be set up in a few different ways. Put in the same input twice and press either low punch or medium punch, and JP will teleport near his opponent. Press high punch and the portal will launch a spike attack.

JP’s Super Arts Moves

It is no secret that JP has access to energy moves that can do all sorts of tricks in Street Fighter 6. When it comes to his Super Arts Moves, he unleashes his full fury upon the opposition. These moves dish out massive damage and they are even more crushing within a combo. Of course, these moves also come with some rather impressive range. Whether you are close to your opponent or not, these Super Arts Moves can easily turn the tide of a match.


Roll a fourth of circle back, twice. Then, press punch. This move is an excellent way to work around an opponent’s block. JP will summon a bunch of phantoms, that will bombard themselves down from above. Also good for a standing attack, it works best during a combo.


Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, press punch. A shockwave will fly out from JP, knocking moderate chunks out of their life bar. This move is equally useful at any range. Within combos, this makes a nice finisher and wraps up a match.


Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, press kick. This is JP’s cinematic move, to where he will clutch his opponent’s throat and fill them in with dark energy. Which, in turn, will cause them to detonate from the inside out. You don’t need to be close for this move. JP will teleport to them instantaneously upon putting in the input. So, don’t be shy about using this in combos.


JP may seem a bit stiff when first trying him out in Street Fighter 6. He is a bit unorthodox in comparison to the rest of the roster. However, for zoning experts, he can be a nice fit for keeping opponents guessing on what will happen. He is worth trying out at least once if a player is looking for someone unique. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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