Street Fighter 6 – Rashid Character Breakdown

Rashid is the newest fighter to drop into the roster of Street Fighter 6. He is a brawler that uses wind as his primary element during attacks. It’s difficult to pinpoint what kind of fighter Rashid actually is. He’s a meld between a brawler and a zoner. Players can generally play him in either direction. He comes with long-winded projectiles like Guile, while also possessing punches, kicks, and rising attacks like Ryu. He comes with a really good range with his blows and he can also execute combos rather easily. Although new, he’s a comfortable fighter to play as.

When it comes to his damage output, Rashid isn’t the strongest fighter. Instead, this is made up of his speed and agility. Several of his moves can be coupled as stranding ground attacks or anti-air blows. He also comes with a few moves that can let him close the gap and quickly land a few hits. He’s not much of a grappler, by any means. His spinning kick attacks can break down opponents quickly and they can be fundamentally hard to dodge.

His projectiles come in the form of tornadoes and cyclones. Not only do they travel across the arena, but they are almost impossible to jump over. Some of his projectiles can even be canceled, allowing Rashid to slide into a combo for extra damage in a tricky fashion. Rashid can even jump back and forth through his own tornadoes. This gives him a chance to retreat after landing a few hits. His kick attacks can string together into combos just as easily as Ken’s. Which, kind of makes Rashid a nice alterantive to all the Ryu and Ken mains out there.

Rashid’s Power Moves

Since Rashid’s move set are wind-based, they are not exactly the flashiest-looking animations in Street Fighter 6. Regardless, they are still entertaining to execute. As mentioned before, a player can choose to lean back and spam Rashid’s projectiles. Only to punish players with rising attacks as they jump over them. On the other side of the coin, players can also go ‘all in’ and unleash combos in varying degrees.

Eagle Spike

Roll a fourth of a circle backward and press kick. This move will send Rashid flying across the arena, delivering a massive jump kick to the face. This can be used either as a standing ground attack or it can be mixed into a combo.

Arabian Cyclone

Roll a fourth of a circle backward and press punch. Rashid will execute a standing spin kick that will summon a small tornado. This works best while at close range. Thus, this move can be followed up with other techniques for extra damage. After making the move, either pull back and press kick or push forward and press kick. The former will send Rashid gliding through the air, closing the distance toward his opponent. The latter will enable Rashid to roll across the ground, dodging upcoming projectiles.

Arabian Skyhigh

Roll a fourth of a circle back and press kick. Rashid will do a spin kick while in the air. The trick to this move is that it will also make him do a double-jump in the air, setting him up for a follow-up attack.

Whirlwind Shot

Roll a fourth of a circle forward and press kick. This is Rashid’s primary projectile. It sends a miniature tornado to the opponent, dealing moderate damage. Also, players can hold down the kick button, which will charge up the projectile.

Spinning Mixer

Roll a fourth of a circle forward and press punch. Rashid will execute a rising attack that can be used as either a supplement in combos or an anti-air attack. This move dishes multiple hits and it is fairly malleable on how players can use it.

Rashid’s Super Arts Moves

Rashid’s Super Arts Moves are fundamentally the same as his Power Moves. They’re more enhanced, of course. Generally, these can be used as punishers and even anti-air attacks. Ideally, using these moves during combos, or while an opponent is throwing a projectile, is the way to go. Rashid is a smooth fighter and plugging in his Super Arts moves are fairly easy, especially with seasoned Street Fighter players.


Roll a fourth of a circle backward two times, then press kick. A large tornado will form, slowly crawling its way toward the opponent. Rashid can leap back and forth through this tornado, enabling him to score a few hits while being protected by the advancing projectile. This move is very good for applying pressure during a match.

Super Rashid Kick

Roll a fourth of a circle forward two times, then press kick. This is another rising attack, that can be followed up with another move after landing on the ground. This move comes in handy as an anti-air attack or a general standing attack. Also, this move is also a good way to change position in the arena. Especially, if an opponent manages to corner a Rashid player.


Roll a fourth of a circle forward two times, then press punch. This is an ultimate cinematic move, which will let Rashid summon a tornado and sling the opponent around in the air. Plus, Rashid will unfold a flurry of kicks that will grant high damage to the opponent. This move can be used in a number of ways, including finishing combos.


Rashid is causing waves with this current build of Street Fighter 6. He is a formidable foe in the right hands that is difficult to keep up with. He is one of the most versatile fighters on the roster and the mixing of his moves makes him hard to read. In the right hands, he can be almost untouchable. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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