Street Fighter 6 – How The Drive System Is Used

Street Fighter 6 marks the return of the classic Capcom tournament fighter with the same foundation but with new bells and whistles. There is no reason to stray too far from a formula that works so well. In the case of the Street Fighter franchise, the developers aren’t too afraid to try out new features to keep things interesting. This sixth installment enhances things in many ways, particularly with the new Drive System. This adds a new dimension to this 2-D fighting series, which really makes it feel like something new. Despite the fact that this IP has been around for almost three decades.

The Drive System is a gauge-based feature that enables characters to execute technical moves in a number of ways. It’s kind of the same thing found with the defensive and offensive meters in Mortal Kombat 11. Certain moves can be executed when the meter reaches a certain threshold. When it comes to Street Fighter 6, the Drive Meter doesn’t really involve environmental interaction, but more with achieving feats. This can really turn a match on its head, as long as a player is paying attention to the gauge and knows all the required inputs.

The gauge for the Drive Meter is directly under the life bar. It gradually replenishes itself as the match rages on. On the flip side of that, it will also chip away at every block executed. In previous Street Fighter games, only the vitality bar would be chipped when executing a block. That’s not the case with Street Fighter 6. At the beginning of every match, the gauge will be maxed out by default. So, the entire list of Drive Moves will be available for each opponent at the beginning of a round throughout the entire match. Some drive moves will deplete more energy than others. So, players will need to be frugal with their choices and keep their eye on both their vitality and drive meter.

Drive Impact

This move will activate a colorful animation that will enable your fighter to avoid getting hit as they strike. It’s a powerful move that will let the opponent stumble across the arena if it successfully connects. If placed near the corner, they can be wall splatted, sometimes letting them be stunned. Thus, if both opponents execute their Drive Impacts simultaneously, the action will grind down to slow motion. All players can do is wait it out and see who will land the blow. It will be seldom when it happens in Street Fighter 6, but when it does, it is just a “luck of the draw.”

Drive Rush

This is a special move that can help close the gap between opponents. When doing a Drive Parry, just tap forward and your character and charge toward the opponent. This move can cost up to two to three bars out of the Drive Meter. Another way to execute the Drive Rush is during attacks that can be canceled. However, doing this will take a little more energy out of the drive meter. So, it is probably best only do this when trying to launch a combo up close.

Drive Parry

The Drive Parry is basically a counter that side-steps an incoming attack. Performing this move requires up to three bars of the Drive Meter to be full. What is nice about this move is that every successful parry will recharge the Drive Meter. Additionally, executing a Perfect Parry will reward even more energy for the Drive Meter. Performing a Perfect Parry will allow the fighter to follow up with a Punish Counter. Which can take a pretty healthy chunk out of the opponent’s vitality. So, using this move often can really help the flow of the fight regarding managing the gauge.

Drive Reversal

Knowing this move can help players out while in a pinch. Whenever there’s an opponent who is overly aggressive, the Drive Reversal can counter their moves and push them back a little bit. It also dishes out a little bit of damage. This move will take up to two bars out of the Drive Meter. So, saving it for tight situations is recommended. This can be a powerful move that somewhat absorbs an attack. Thus, whenever this move is being executed, the opponent can grapple or throw you.


The Super Arts Meter is located at the bottom of the screen. It recharges with every successful strike and block during the round. With it, players can execute Super Arts Moves, which are basically souped-up versions of their standard Power Moves. Overdrive, is associated with both the Super Arts Meter and Drive Meter. So, both of these meters will deplete when these types of moves are inputted. The main difference here is that, when both meters are maxed out, there will be double the damage.


Now, when it comes to the Drive Meter, there is a mechanic in Street Fighter 6 called ‘Burnout.’ This happens whenever players get too greedy and completely drain their Drive Meter. So, their character will appear ‘muted’ and won’t be able to execute any Power Moves or Drive Moves. However, the standard move set and projectiles will still be available to use. It takes a while for the Drive Meter to fill back up. So, the key here is to avoid getting into a Burnout state by any means necessary. Because it can easily cost you a fight.


The Drive Meter in Street Fighter 6 definitely puts a new spin on things. In this installment, this mechanic is a vital component of the overall fighting system. It can take a little getting used to. It is certainly an added layer to the combat that many beginning players might overlook. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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