Disney Princesses as Capcom Fighters


What if Disney princesses stopped brushing their hair and waiting to be swept off their feet and decided to form a fight club? The result would be this amazing concept from Mike V Design, who has taken many of the most famous princesses and remade them as if they were a part of an old school Capcom fighting game.

Some of the inspiration is obvious, like Chun-Li Cinderella and Sakura Snow White.  Other’s I can’t quite place, but many of these poses do look familiar.

I also like that he included Nala, as she tends to be overlooked when we’re doing Disney princess stuff because well, she’s a lion. But she would tear bitches apart in a game like this. Check out the others below:







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  1. Aside from the bad pixel placement on Rapunzel’s face, these are all excellently made sprite creations. And they do an excellent job of imagining the girls in the Street Fighter style 🙂 kudos to the artist.

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