How to Play as The Blight in DBD

The Blight in DBD

The Blight is one of the playable killers in Dead by Daylight. Background-wise, he was a Scottish chemist who became fascinated by the power of chemicals when he was still a child. As a result, he went on to pursue their potential while in service to the British Empire. Something that led him down a very dark road. Gameplay-wise, the Blight is very powerful in the right hands. Unfortunately, mastering the character is much easier said than done.

His Speed Is His Greatest Strength

The Blight’s speed is his greatest strength. For context, he starts out with five tokens. By using a token, he can Rush forward for three seconds. After which, he will enter into cooldown, which is particularly bad because he will look downwards as well. That sounds bad until one learns that the Blight can Chain Rush by running into either walls or obstacles. When used in the right manner, this can enable him to cover a great distance of distance within a very short period of time, meaning that there aren’t a lot of places that are out-of-reach for him. However, the Blight cannot afford to waste his tokens. Even ignoring the cooldown after either a Rush or a Chain Rush, he will need time to regenerate his used tokens.

He Can Attack During a Lethal Rush

By default, the Blight can’t attack during a Rush. However, that changes if he uses a Lethal Rush rather than a Rush, which becomes possible once he has run into something. This move has a very generous hitbox, which is good because the player will want to connect with it. Otherwise, well, suffice to say that missing a Lethal Rush comes with an extra-long cooldown.

Remember that Each Rush Lasts Three Seconds

It is important to remember that each Rush lasts three seconds. This matters because a lot of players choose to Chain Rush before they run out of time, meaning that they are covering much less ground than they could be. Of course, there will be times when the player will have no choice but to Chain Rush. To name an example, they might not have a convenient obstacle waiting ahead of them, meaning that the choice is between either Chain Rushing now or entering into cooldown a moment later. If the player can use that Chain Rush to catch up to a target, the choice is obvious.

He Can’t Turn Very Well

Amusingly, the Blight can’t turn very well when he is Rushing. As a result, there are brave players out there who will seek to bait him into Chain Rushing, thus providing themselves with a breathing space while his tokens regenerate. Interested individuals should never let themselves be baited in this manner. If they suspect that their Rushing will be fruitless, they should save their tokens for a better opportunity. Similarly, if they are already Rushing but suspect that their Rushing will be fruitless, they should enter into cooldown rather than continue wasting their tokens. In this as in other things, sunk cost fallacy can convince them to throw more of their limited resources at a bad prospect, particularly since the Blight’s playstyle doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of cold, thorough reasoning.

Memorize the Maps

It is always useful to memorize the maps. After all, that tells interested individuals important information such as where they should be heading, where their enemies should be heading, and how they can optimize their movements having taken both factors into consideration. The Blight is unusual in that he requires even more memorization than normal. Simply put, interested individuals are going to need to remember not just general paths from point to point but also the walls and obstacles that can be found throughout the maps. Said information is necessary because that will tell them what Chain Rushes they can execute as well as where those Chain Rushes can be executed.

Plan Out Chain Rushes

Speaking of which, it is critical for the player to plan out their Chain Rushes. They don’t have a lot of time in which to make important decisions during a Chain Rush, so it is better if they already know the general course of action that they want to pursue while still allowing for certain mid-execution adjustments before they start Rushing. Otherwise, well, suffice to say that even small mistakes can be very costly if the player decides to go all-in on an attack.

Avoid Cramped, Closed-In Spaces

Highly-specialized killers tend to have certain environments that they don’t do very well in. For the Blight, this would be inside buildings as well as anywhere else that can be described as being cramped, closed-in spaces. After all, he is good at covering great distances within short periods of time by bouncing off of walls and obstacles. Interiors are terrible for him because of a couple of considerations. One, if he starts Rushing, chances are very good that he is going to run out of tokens by running into things before he is ready. Two, if he doesn’t Rush, he doesn’t have anything else that makes him special.

His Special Perks Can Be Quite Useful

The Blight’s three special perks can be quite useful. First, there is Dragon’s Grip, which can be used to trap a generator so that the first survivor to interact with it within the next 30 seconds while reveal their location and be rendered Exposed. Considering the Blight’s speed, a well-timed trap can be very nasty to say the least. Second, there is Hex: Blood Favour, which will block pallets within 16 meters for 15 seconds once the player manages to hit a survivor with a basic attack. Something that will enable them to make the most of a good opportunity. Third, there is Hex: Undying, which will reveal survivors for a few critical seconds whenever they pass a Totem of any kind. Moreover, if another Hex Totem gets cleansed, that Hex won’t go away but will instead be transferred to a dull Totem.

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