Brace Yourselves, Grand Theft Auto V is Coming


… because it will take over your life.

By the time this post goes live, my copy of Grand Theft Auto V is hastily making its way to me from Amazon’s warehouse. It’s supposed to be delivered on the day of its release with no shipping fee. This is just one of the many reasons why I love Amazon. I love that company as much as I love Mass Effect and regular Unreality readers know how big that magnitude is. I think I can even say the same for the Grand Theft Auto series.

I’ve been playing the series since I was in the third grade and I’ve been following every release. To be honest, I wasn’t that crazy over the fourth game but that didn’t stop me from being extremely pumped for the fifth game. With the addition of three characters, the plethora of diversions, humongous map, and GTA Online, my body is more than ready.

Not all my die hard friends pre-ordered GTA V though. It’s not because they don’t like it, they’re afraid of liking it too much that it’ll destroy their lives. My friends and I are in college and we are expecting the first wave of exams and research papers soon.

Mass Effect 3 came out the day before a mid-term and I couldn’t help it after one hour of studying (actually glancing to and fro the text and game periodically). I threw studying out the window. Don’t worry, I was lucky enough to ace it but I was worried the entire time.

Read on to know more what I plan to do with Grand Theft Auto V and the challenges of fitting it into an extremely tight schedule.

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When news came out about GTA Online, I practically lost it. Multiplayer has always been something that was always secondary to me. However, I think that Rockstar is elevating online play into the next level. I feel like other multiplayer matches constrict you to a small area and set objectives. When I found out that it’s basically like an extremely leveled-up Saints Row co-op, I immediately formed up a crew with my friends on the PlayStation. If you’re on the same platform, hit me up! We’d love to have more join us. Perhaps, we’ll name ourselves the Grove Street Families and wear all green or just wear purple and be the The Saints.

I had to get the physical copy of this game and I pre-ordered it through Amazon. I am quite jealous that others have received their copy of the game from Amazon. It is a leak Rockstar is currently looking into. I hope nothing happens with mine. I’m betting mine gets shipped out tonight or tomorrow morning. I don’t think I’ll be able to focus on anything in school and at work the entire day. It’s extremely tempting to call in sick, but I need to control myself or else I will pay the price of not having tuition aid grants (meaning: less money for games!!).


Damn it! If only I had a PS Vita, I could just remote play GTA V during a boring lecture wherein I only go for the attendance grade. Sometimes it’s not only money that’s stopping me from buying video games, time comes into play as well. I work 25 hours a week and I have 18 credits (6 classes) this semester. Add in my contributions to Unreality and my responsibilities as the co-editor of Gamemoir. For games like GTA V and Beyond: Two Souls, I’m definitely making time for those two games. In fact, they’re the only games I pre-ordered for the remainder of the year.

Consequently, I sacrifice the free time I have for socializing and dedicate it towards my hobby- gaming. Thank God for GTA Online, I can simultaneously play games and ‘hang out’ with my friends.

I’m either brave or stupid thinking that I can fit Grand Theft Auto V in my life and still except to be at my best in everything else I do.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I usually love using Amazon Prime release day delivery as well, but this time either Amazon (and/or UPS) fudged it up so I’m getting my game a day later (Wednesday) and I’ll be out of town until next Tuesday…so I’m just the slightest bit bitter…

  2. I don’t know what it’s like in America but you should see the madness in Ireland at the minute. It’s 15 minutes until midnight, there are several hundred people queuing outside various Gamestop’s and other stores around the country for the last 2-3 hours. Almost all of them have pre-orders.

    Honestly if someone had the numbers to do a population to people queuing at midnight for pre-orders ratio comparison we would scale pretty damn well at the minute compared to other larger countries.

  3. Mine just shipped. Finally!!!


    It’s usually UPS’ fault, that’s always the case with me. Amazon gives me a refund or store credit whenever I complain that an item didn’t come on time. I never buy from Gamestop because you have to pay for shipping and it’s not even guaranteed on release day since that’s the only time they’ll process the shipment.

    @Rob J

    I’d be interested to see that number too! I bet that a lot of people are lined up too, but with services like Amazon Prime at our disposal, I don’t think it’ll be that crazy.

  4. I walked into Walmart at midnight, got in line at the register and walked out with GTA V at 12:07. Meanwhile, not 300 yards away at Gamestop there were 200+ people lined up outside.

  5. dammit i preordered mine too lazy to go pick it up last night didnt make it at lunch time have to wait till after work arrgggg i guess its my own fault for being lazy

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