Fantasy Left 4 Dead Casting

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Movie adaptations of video games almost never turn out remotely well, and if I’m being honest, I don’t think a theoretical Left 4 Dead movie would be the one to break that tradition. Yes, it’s Valve, but it’s not exactly story driven, and unless it was like Romero himself directing, I’m not sure it would be a terribly worthwhile feature.

That said however, it can be fun to speculate if such a movie did exist, who might play what. One intrepid fan decided to hunt down lookalike actors for each of the eight roles across the two games. I can’t say I disagree with many of the choices, though I’m not sure Stone Cold Steve Austin’s appearance would boost the credibility of the film. I would however, pay large amounts of money to see Alison Brie and Zoe Saldana hunt zombies.

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