Server Monitoring Tools That Provide Uninterrupted Gameplay

User experience is at the heart of every game developer’s intentions, which is why millions of dollars are spent annually on optimizing gaming platform proficiency. A platform’s capabilities are only as good as the server monitoring tools that provide uninterrupted gameplay. Since every device, server, transaction or application generates logs that record data, log analytics provide insights into operations, application performance, business function and security. As log data amasses, there must also be a discussion into whether in-house application performance management or cloud migration are better enterprise logging solutions for user experience.

Server Monitoring

Some businesses run multiple servers that are critical to end-user delivery of products or services. Performance of each server is vital to deployment and delivery, which is why server monitoring tools are so valuable to end-user satisfaction. This is why your operations team must be proactive in monitoring servers for inefficiencies before it causes website gaming disruptions. Such an act would have both a financial and reputation loss that would be insurmountable.

Server monitoring procedures include the analysis and reporting on resources like the central processing unit, network, disk space, input/output and memory usage. Overseeing a larger server network involves critical planning and deployment of resources that deliver performance excellence. Most critically to gaming sites, it reduces downtime and promotes resource utilization of applications. There are specific reasons why server monitoring tools are so critical to website performance:

  • Guarantee server availability
  • Avoid sensitive data loss
  • Assure end-user satisfaction
  • Reduce customer retention losses
  • Monitor load speed and page responsiveness
  • Deter server inefficiencies and underperformance

Server Performance Operations

When your operations team proactively monitor servers and business-specific application processes, it allows your users to access resources without disruption. Server monitoring tools continuously troubleshoot performance so that you will not need to employ multiple application performance management (APM) software. Moreover, it monitors in real time so that you know instantaneously when server errors occur.

Server availability and performance metrics are also vital to your day-to-day operations. You get up-to-date performance metrics and create customized alerts that deliver reports on multiple servers. You do not want to build a reputation based on end-user reporting as it reduces your website’s credibility and increases security vulnerabilities due to the lack of performance.

A centralized location for logging capabilities also allows multiple operations teams to monitor performance and take the appropriate actions to avoid downtime. As most mid-size and large companies have multiple teams overseeing server performance, it also ensures that discovery and security breach detections reduce business application failure by event log processing.

Remote Monitoring Services

Your operations monitoring service will identify the processes concurrently engaging with your servers. As you will be able to identify troubling processes that are underperforming, you will have the ability to terminate them remotely. The OpsManager also provides several critical components for Windows monitoring, which ensures a website disruption does not occur. Configuration capabilities allow automated services that restart a server or Windows application.

Event Log Monitoring

Event log monitoring will also help identify end-user performance issues like account lockouts, security vulnerabilities, log data deletion, and password failures. Your server monitoring tools will continuously monitor system logs, events, and transactions to ensure they are working properly. A log monitoring tool will allow an operations team to identify issues with resources.

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