The Five Hardest Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenges of All-Time

Technology has brought many products with its arrival, and one of the most notable ones is the games which have become addictive to most players. Among these games is the Ascendant Challenge which presents new challenges that can be annoying when you fail to attain the goal of the challenge but also giving you a thrilling experience as you try to move on to the next step in the shortest time possible. While accomplishing difficult things is quite an achievement, here are the five hardest ascendant challenges of all time that you might want to prepare for if you’re going to beat them.

1. Week 6 Ascendant challenge

It is not only the hardest of all challenges in Destiny 2, but it also marks the final and sixth week of the challenges. The challenge tests everything you have learned during the trials which makes it among the most extended ascendant challenges. You can find it in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Rheasilvia, and it is about power and speed. The minute you start the challenge, turn 180 degrees and begin to run for your life because you will be chased across a very long distance by three hive knights who will spawn to become your enemy. The knights are however not part of the challenge and are only to keep you moving.

2. Week 2 ascendant challenge

Some people may have trouble with the Week 2 ascendant challenge. The challenge aims to find and dunk three arch charges, which are separate, into the center of a room you will see in the Gardens of Esilia. The Gardens of Esilia is an area located on the south of The Strand in The Dreaming City. If you can manage to do this, you will have created a Well of Light for unlimited supers but then to unlock the chest, you will have to defeat all the remaining Knights. The challenge is set at 560-light meaning that anyone sitting at less than this will have a load of trouble to proceed.

3. Unlocking Izanami Forge

As part of the Black Armory expansion, Destiny 2 launched Izanami Forge which also marked the rollout by Bungie to create new content to last for an entire season. The Izanami Forge presents a challenge to players who can no longer forge weapons as quickly as they did before. Izanami Forge requires players to go through nine tedious steps before they can unlock it, not counting the return trips to Ada. Once you unlock the Forge and realize it is broken, you spend the entire remaining time fixing the Forge Spark plug. You get to do specific heroic public events in particular places or kill one blight reload and repeat the steps again and again. You can take at least three hours completing the challenge if you are lucky or even five hours to get your first weapon frame.

4. Getting the Le Monarque bow

The Le Monarque, an exotic bow with a returning mechanism of poison drains the health of targets, similar to the Thorn Hand Cannon Exotic. Before you can get to this bow, you have to unlock the Izanami and Goffanon forges which is not as easy as some think even if the requirements of power levels have become lower. Once you complete the lengthy Black Armory Forge activities quests, which you must help complete, you can get to the Le Monarque Bow. Fortunately, you can replay the forges as many time as necessary until you can get to the Bow.

5. Week 3 in Destiny 2 Forsaken

The objective of this challenge is for the player to ascend to the top of a large pile of flying debris as well as platforms. Well, this may sound easy until you get to the top where a Taken Phalanx Boss will be waiting for you. Also going up is not so smooth because snipers will await you with nasty traps such as the Taken orbs which explode and cause massive damage or the Taken Bombs that will attempt to push you off the path towards a particular direction. It, therefore, presents a challenge especially when you are bad at platforming. Moreover, the orbs spawn continuously making the ascent a nightmare. What can save you is the chance you have to reset the challenge which gives you time to get the pushers.

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