Street Fighter 6 – Guile Breakdown

It is only natural to have Col. Guile make his return in Street Fighter 6. Armed with powerful kicks, zoning attacks, and skull-crushing suplexes, Guile has always been a unique and top-tier fighter. Guile is a “middle of the road” type of character. When it comes to beginners, he is a top choice to make. His moves are easy to execute and they all have a pretty good damage output. All in all, Guile is a ‘Zoner.’ He tends to hang back and bombard his opposition with Sonic Booms, only to cut them in half with his Flashkick when they get too close.

Of course, there is more to him than just those two things. He excels in air combos and grapples, as well. When it comes to up close fist cuffs, he’s no slouch either. His combos may not be as extensive as other fighters, but they’re enough to chip away an opponent’s vitality. In Street Fighter 6, there is more to him now thanks to the new Drive Meter mechanic. With this added depth, Guile is definitely more nuanced than ever before. Some players may consider him too “stiff” to their liking, but there is no denying that he has an appeal that kept him around for 30 years.

So, with Street Fighter 6, his core move set remains intact. His classic Sonic Boom and Flashkick make a return in full form in this sequel. Of course, there are going to be some noticeable enhancements to his move set that compliments the next generation of consoles and PC hardware. As mentioned before, the new Drive Meter System puts a new spin on things, giving Guile an edge that hasn’t been seen in a while.

Guile’s Power Moves

Guile’s classic power moves remain mostly unchanged over the years. Street Fighter 6 hasn’t really taken any liberties to give Guile a complete overhaul by any means. He is largely the same warrior since Street Fighter II. Of course, there are some updates to keep in mind in order to him to reach his full potential.


  • As always, the Flashkick entails crouching for a second or two, then simultaneously hitting up and kick. Associated with the Drive System, there is a variation of the Flashkick that’s attached to Overdrive. When the Drive and Super Art gauges are full, executing the Flashkick will come with some hyper armor, making Guile invulnerable within the first few frames of animation. Which means, he can cut through his opponent’s attacks.

Sonic Boom

  • This is another classic attack making a return in Street Fighter 6. Pull back for a second or two then press forward and punch. This will launch a projectile that will spin across the arena. The distance it can travel is related to whether the medium or heavy punch is used. Medium punch goes a short distance while heavy goes further. Thus, there is also an Overdrive version of the Sonic Boom. It flies across the arena at a fast speed and deals massive damage.

Sonic Cross

  • This is a new version of the Sonic Boom that packs more of a punch. Guile fires up the Sonic Blade and turns it into an energy rocket that can knock down opponents. Generally, this is just another option to use besides the Sonic Boom. Roll one-fourth of a circle forward to summon the Sonic Blade. Then, hit forward and punch to send it flying.

Sonic Blade

  • This move is generally used to psyche the opponent into thinking Guile is doing something else. It appears it does next to no damage. This move can be executed by inputting one-fourth circle forward plus punch. In order to make the Sonic Blade into an actual weapon, then Guile must transform it into the Sonic Cross, which is explained above.

Guile’s Super Arts Move Set

Utilizing Guile’s charging input twice can be tricky. Once the initial charging period is complete, simply tap the required direction, back and forth, one more time before launching a Super Art Move attack. These moves can be useful as standalone blows. However, they are most efficient when blending them in during combos. So, keep an eye on the Super Arts Meter at the bottom of the screen, as well as the Drive Meter for Overdrive moves.

Crossfire Flashkick

  • At Level 3 with the Super Art Meter, hold crouch for a couple of seconds, then hit up and kick at the same time, twice. A cinematic will kick off, showing Guile frying his opponent with a Sonic Boom. Then, he’ll launch them into the air with a Flashkick, dealing a hefty amount of damage.

The Sonic Puncher

  • This move can be executed at Level 2. By rolling one-fourth of a circle forward twice and pressing punch, Guile will unleash a parade of Sonic Booms. As always, the speed and distance of these projectiles are dependent on which button the player is pushing. Pressing two punching inputs simultaneously will launch the projectiles. Pushing forward will speed up the projectiles while pulling back will make them slower. Guile will be able to do this for about 25 to 30 seconds.

The Sonic Hurricane

  • Finally, at Level 1, pull back for a couple of seconds and go forward. Do this whole input two times over, then hit punch. Guile will summon a giant Sonic Boom that can chew up the opponent when it’s close.


Guile is a legendary character in Street Fighter 6 that is as powerful as he looks. Although he returns with his charging moves trick bag, there are a few other aces up his sleeve to mix things up. Once a player digs in and gets a feel for his timing, Guile can be a stomper against any opponent. He’s unlike anyone else on the roster and he is in his finest form here. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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