Street Fighter 6 – Character Breakdown For Ken

There are many new characters to try out in Street Fighter 6, however, fan-favorite Ken is hard to ignore. As far as the plot goes, Ken is now a fugitive who is on the run from the law. Which explains his disheveled demeanor. Even though he looks rather rugged, his fighting skills are still on-point. Being the American counterpart of Ryu, he shares some of his basic move sets. The thing is that Ken is still very much his own fighter. He tends to be a little faster and nimble than Ryu. Thus, he also tends to be a little more elemental with his attacks.

He now comes with a few vertical attacks that will make opponents hesitant to be airborne. His kicks have a reach to them and he can string together a number of mean combos. His projectiles can reach across the arena and players can actually play him as a zoner. However, that is not how he’s truly built. Just like Ryu, Ken is a brawler that likes to get in your face. He comes with several devastating throws that can send the opponent clear across the other side of the area. Ken is all about gaining distance to reposition himself so he can dish out dizzying blows.

Additionally, Ken also comes with a surprising amount of power with his kicks. A number of his power moves and Super Arts Moves are associated with his legs. So, players will be using the ‘kick input buttons‘ for Ken, quite a bit. He comes with his own variation of punching combos, sure. However, Ken’s kicking moves make him one of the most formidable legacy fighters in Street Fighter 6. There are some nuances to his move set that can make him a tricky martial artist. With Ken, it is all about getting close and doing as many combos as humanly possible.

Ken’s Power Moves

Much like Ryu, Ken also comes with a fireball projectile, Dragon Punch and Hurricane Kick. There are some minor differences, sure. However, the general feel and input are largely the same. It has been this way since Street Fighter 2 and it is no different in this sixth installment. So, if a player is using Ryu as their main, then it would only be natural to use Ken as an alternative to mix things up.

Dragonlash Kick

  • Roll a ‘Z Pattern’ and press any kick button. Ken will execute an aerial roundhouse that flies across the arena. This move can help with closing the distance and starting combos. If timed correctly, Ken can also punish a ‘jump happy’ opponent with this move.

Jinrai Kick

  • Roll a fourth of a circle forward and press any kick button. Ken will use a roundhouse kick that will deal moderate damage. This kick can be chained with follow-up kicks by simply inputting forward; high kick, medium kick, or low kick.


  • Roll a ‘Z Pattern‘ and press any punch button. This is Ken’s classic “Dragon Punch” that’s laced with fire. Best used as an anti-air move. Alternatively, using this move during combos certainly adds extra oomph.


  • Roll a fourth of a circle forward, then press any punch button. Ken will launch his standard projectile that flies across the arena. Ken can use his fireball to zone opponents, to an extent. Ken isn’t a “zoner” by any means. However, the Hadoken will give players time to plan their next attack while keeping the opponent at bay for a little while.

Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku

  • Roll a fourth of a circle backward, then press any kick button. This is Ken’s variation of the “Hurricane Kick.” Just like Ryu, Ken will spin across the arena with his leg like a blender. Suitable for closing gaps and scoring some extra hits while finishing a combo.

Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku

  • While in the air, roll a fourth of a circle backward and press any kick button. Ken will unleash his “Hurricane Kick” while alighting. This can actually be used to shift the direction of a jump. Not to mention surprising an opponent.

Ken’s Super Arts Moves

Ken’s Super Arts Moves are definitely the more flashy kind in Street Fighter 6. Even though Ken’s moves are laced with fire, opponents don’t necessarily receive much fire damage. It is just simply part of his design. A couple of his Super Arts Moves can mainly be used for anti-air defense. While another comes into play while laying out some groundwork.

Shippu Jinrai-kyaku

  • Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, hit any kick button. Ken will unfold a flurry of Jinrai roundhouses, only to end it with a rising Hurricane Kick.

Dragonlash Flame

  • Roll a fourth of a circle backward, twice. Then, hit any kick button. Ken will flare up a combination of kicks while flying forty degrees into the air. This move is a great way to end a combo. Not to mention, this is a very good anti-air option to have in Ken’s repertoire.

Shinryu Reppa

  • Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, hit any punch button. After putting in the input, there will be a cinematic showing Ken about to uncage a massive Shoryuken. The trick with this move is that it is only effective when up close. It can be easy to overshoot and miss the opponent. So, try and mix this move in with combos whenever possible for maximum damage.


Ken in Street Fighter 6 is a good selection for new and seasoned players, alike. He has an easy move set and his combos can be slick to pull off. With a little practice, players will be kicking around their opponents in no time. Any player that has mastered Ryu, should give Ken a whirl. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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