10 Sims 4 Challenges You Need To Try At Least Once

Sims 4

Sims 4 is an addictive video game that is played on various consoles, including PC versions. It’s a time-consuming game that becomes so involved that you can lose yourself for hours playing. If you reach a plateau and become bored, here are 10 Sims 4 challenges that will solve the problem. They’re so intriguing and challenging that you have to try them each at least once.

10. The Rags to Riches Challenge

The Ultimate Sims Guide recommends the Rags to Riches Challenge if you’re getting bored and want to work harder and smarter to reach your goals. This variation is a mega-challenge where you start from zero wealth and build a fortune. There is a lot more to it than that. Move your Sim from rags to riches by meeting all the challenge goals. You start by completing the mandatory steps. These are required for the challenge. Then you get a job, build your home, and have a family. It’s to be done without cheats with a few exceptions, including resetting your sim and moving objects. You can find the information that you need about the Rules and how to best proceed in the Helpful Hints section. You must complete home with a kitchen, dining room 3 or more bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, a living room or family room, a swimming pool, an outdoor garden, and in the city a penthouse garden, and a study that has a minimum of one computer or more. You must also have a family including marrying a sim, dumping their possessions before the marriage and having kids, and becoming a grandparent. You must establish a career, earn an entrepreneurial lifetime reward, reach the tenth level of your chosen career, or if you have a business, fully train your employees and bring in at least 100,000 in revenue. You must set and compete two aspiration goals for your sim and spouse, plus one for every child in your family. You must deposit a minimum of $200,000 in your bank or more. There are five mandatory steps involved in having a family, and nine other mandatory steps you must complete to fulfill the challenge. You can also increase the difficulty by adding additional side or optional challenges.

9. Do the Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge is another fun and engaging challenge that will take you a while to complete. It puts your rationalization and survival skills to the ultimate test. The Homeless Challenge requires you to start with zero simoleons. You are required to move into a lot. You must earn 5,000 in cash and construct a basic home. You cannot obtain a standard job until you have a basic home. No sims can move in with you, although you can have a significant other. They can only move in when you have a basic home. It is up to you to figure out how to survive and build your life to meet the two main goals of the challenge.

8. Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge requires you I’m to stay in the small shelter without leaving it for any reason. An atomic war has decimated the world. Your goal is only to survive. Your sim and family must lie by heavy restrictions. Your sim must adhere to a specific career field and reach level 10 in that field to lift the restrictions on a career. You must choose wisely because each sim in this challenge is only allowed to lift one restriction for its lifetime. Sim family members and spouses may also unlock restrictions. You are not allowed cheats, hacked objects, or mods that would give you an advantage over other players without them. You must continue the challenge until they lift all restrictions to win the challenge.

7. History Challenge

Level Skip recommends the History Challenge. This is a unique challenge that is loosely based on the Legacy Challenge, but it involves moving your Sims through eras in time until reaching the modern age. You start with an empty world and two sims, which are your ancestors. You begin at the prehistoric age with no work except for selling woodwork, paintings, or collectibles. Your sims will live on the land or in a tent and they cannot have a house. The sims muse eat fruit that they gather or insets and fish they catch. You must complete all of the goals of the prehistoric age before moving forward. You must achieve level 10 in handiness skills, gardening, and fishing. You then proceed to early civilization and build a house. You can choose between Ancient Egyptian or Roman Empire. There are seven eras to complete, including prehistoric, ancient civilization, middle ages, the Old West, industrial age, roaring twenties, and finally the modern-day. You unlock new game features with each age you complete.

6. Build A City Challenge

The Build A City Challenge will keep you on your toes figuring out how to put your planning and strategy skills to the ultimate test. This unique and complex challenge is not for the faint of heart. We based it on the elements of traditional legacy gameplay. You create your city in this game. It’s a big challenge as you begin the game with a set number of sims and lots. You must use a randomizer as you begin the game. You are given a series of goals that must be completed before more options, carer, sims, lots, and other things are made available. You gain global control of your world. You also control all of the households within your world that you will use to help you accomplish each of the goals in this challenge. It’s not an easy challenge and to win the game, they require you to get 50,000 points.

5. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

They loosely based this challenge on the popular television reality shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” If you’re a fan of either or both of these, this is a challenge that you are likely to enjoy. The overall goal of this challenge is for your sim to find its true love, but this is not as easy as one may think. You start the game by creating your sim as a bachelor or bachelorette. You can assign any traits to the sim with the exception that romantic is required. You will also create a stable of seven contestants with traits of your choosing. Only your sim must be romantic. The others may be, but it’s not necessary. You can choose any gender or combination of genders for this challenge. Your sim will participate in dates with each of the sims in the house and it can be one on one or group events. Every third day there will be eliminations similar to the television series. It will require one of the contestants to move out of the house when it gets eliminated. The game continues until it completes the challenge when the sim finds its true love. There are many options available in this romantic social challenge, and rules may be added or changed in any way that you would like to make the game more fun, interesting and challenging.

4. Masterchef Challenge

The Masterchef Challenge is a popular way to make your Sims 4 gameplay more interesting. This is the most intriguing for anyone who enjoys watching Gordon Ramsay at work on his television series. You start with five sims vying for the title of a master chef and the goal is to find the one master chef, similar to the contests aired on the popular television show. You will create five random sims and three judges who must each have a five cooking skill level. It’s required that they have cooking aspirations and foodie traits. The kicker is that none of them start with any cooking skills at the beginning. You can have them read books or watch the Cooking channel when they’re not participating in challenge days to build their cooking skills. Each sim will compete in a cooking challenge three times weekly. The judges eat the food and choose which sim does the best job, eliminating the least favorite dish during each challenge.

3. Asylum Challenge

Game Rant suggests taking the Asylum Challenge if you’re feeling bored and want to make your Sims 4 gameplay more challenging and exciting. This is more of a psychologically thrilling version of the game that calls for you to build an asylum. You must create five sims that are endowed with the insane trait. This is a requirement of the challenge. You must randomize all the other traits for each sim, without exception. The only trait that they may not have is self-assurance. You will only select one sim to control. Your sim is pitted against itself and it must achieve its aspiration for the overall goal. Your sim can leave the asylum after it achieves the aspiration. Then you will move on to control the next sim until every sim in the asylum has achieved its aspiration and leaves the asylum. This is a challenging version of the game that is not as easy as it sounds. There will be many frustrations because of the lack of self-assurance and the insanity trait but it’s possible.

2. Black Widow Challenge

The Black Widow Challenge is one of the most intriguing and fun of all the ten top challenges. If you know anything about Black Widow, it follows the same lines that occur in nature. Your sim is a young adult female. You place her in a house, but she does not have a job. It’s her job to make her living from all of her suitors. The challenge is about making your sim attractive to suitors, and wily enough to get everything she can out of them to survive and to reach the goals set for her. It’s about money and romance. Your sim becomes the ultimate user. She will have multiple suitors, but you have to be careful to follow the rules. You can use your imagination in this challenge and have loads of fun. This challenge will show how cunning and manipulative you can be in romance and working the system to get ahead. The most challenging part of the game is getting the suitors to give you everything you need to get ahead and to reach the point goals. Things may get lean for your Sim if she is not skilled enough to get the things that she needs from her suitors. You’ll need to make sure she doesn’t starve to death while she’s learning her trade.

1. 100 Baby Challenge

The 100 Baby Challenge is a favorite version of the game with the overall goal of ensuring that your sim has one hundred babies. We love this challenge because you can set it up in any way that you want. There are a lot of different variations of the game with rules included that make it easy, or you can up the ante and make it more difficult, depending on your need to feel challenged. You can expand this challenge out over several generations. There is one hard and fast rule. Every baby must have a different father and a single sim must produce 100 babies. A daughter of the original sim may continue the challenge forward and keep the count rolling, with her daughter picking up where she leaves off. You can take it over as many generations as you like, but your sim may not have a job. She will need to depend on the fathers to survive and care for the babies. This variation is one of the most time-consuming challenges because it takes time to have 100 babies, even when you’re a sim. We chose the 100 Baby Challenge as the most highly recommended if you’re looking for an extended challenge that will easily keep you busy for at least a few weeks, if not longer.

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