Warlander – The Best Cleric Loadout

Warlander comes with three very different playable classes. The most unique out of the three is the cleric. It can be difficult to pinpoint what kind of class the cleric actually is. Some would argue that she is an “engineer” while others will say she’s more of a “medic.” Perhaps, it is safe to say that she is a little bit of both. The cleric is probably the most malleable class in Warlander. There are several ways that a player can build this character. Just like the warrior, she comes with both melee and long-range attacks.

Even though her Warhammer looks damaging, it is actually quite nerfed. At least, in this current build of Warlander. The damage output is generally less than the warrior’s sword. So, if a player is focused on a melee-based build, then a warrior is the way to go. As for the cleric, she is a very different soldier. The cleric comes with some abilities that put her in the support class in one form or another. The biggest advantage that she comes with is that she is a healer. She can heal her entire team with a certain talent that comes with her pre-equipped. Thus, as mentioned before, she can also be a pretty effective engineer. Depending on what skills and talents players choose to stack up on her build.

So, players can use the cleric in either a defensive position or an offensive one. It strictly depends on their play style. She has the ability to block with her shield and unleash critical hits with her hammer. This is essentially the same as with the warrior. However, her melee moves are limited in comparison. There aren’t any; tackles, rush attacks, or overhead moves for the cleric. She comes with limited combos and fighting should be left reserved as a last resort.

Best Skills for the Cleric

It is best to keep in mind that the cleric does indeed come with a long-range weapon from the start. Just like the warrior does. The problem is that her default crossbow isn’t effective in the slightest. So, unlocking new crossbows and replacing them should be done as soon as possible. The cleric works best by leaning back and plugging enemies from afar. She is not as deadly as the mage, but she can do quite a bit of damage in her own right. As for her skills, first look into her healing abilities. The healing animation in Warlander is brutally long, which leaves players exposed. So, equipping the Resurrect skill will speed up this process significantly.

Thus, using the Area Heal to keep the team on their feet is recommended. Alternatively, Holy Protection will summon a shield around teammates, enabling them to absorb damage. Lastly, always keep an eye on the cooldown with the Sanctuary Ultimate. This will both heal and resurrect players simultaneously. Which, by the way, can make all the difference during tough matches. As for combat, there are only a few skills worth noting. The Dispel skill can help weaken enemies and even delete traps within a certain area.

Best Talents for the Cleric

So, for the cleric, her talents come within the realm of common sense. Try and find ways to buff up her crossbow, hammer, and shield. Even though the cleric isn’t the best combatant, equipping talents that enable stronger attacks and defense is the way to go. Equipping the Hammer Attack Up talent is a good idea. Plus, Crossbow Power Up and HP Up should be a top priority. This will give her a fighting chance whenever she is cornered. Whenever there is a more advanced crossbow unlocked, try and use the Enhanced Headshot talent to give the cleric more of an edge for her long-ranged attacks.

Thus, if a player wants to have the cleric be more of an engineer, then utilizing the Build Speed Up and Build Accuracy Up talents could be useful. If this is the case, try and stack this with Load Capacity Up and Siege-Weapon Attack Up. Lastly, equipping the Warrior Killer, Mage Killer, and Cleric Killer talents can be helpful when shooting enemies from afar. Try and buff up the cleric’s attacks in any way possible. As mentioned before, she isn’t much of a fighter, but she isn’t totally helpless in that regard.

Best Equipment for the Cleric

When working on the loadout for the cleric, it is best to focus on her armor more than anything else. Try and stack with epic armor as much as possible. More often than not, this will increase her movement speed, HP capacity, and other stats. The different hammers that are unlocked in Warlander aren’t that much different than the cleric’s default hammer. So, generally sticking with the cleric’s starting hammer is pretty much all players will need. When it comes to combat, it is best to stay in the backlines and shoot enemies with her crossbow.

Try and let the warriors have the frontlines, instead. Equip the Hunter’s Crossbow as soon as possible. It is a much better alternative than the default crossbow, for sure. This is because the Hunter’s Crossbow has much better accuracy and damage output. There are other crossbows to try out, of course. However, the Hunter’s Crossbow is universally considered the best for the cleric at this time. Of course, only time will tell if the developers will patch the damage output for the cleric’s melee attacks to help her become a more efficient fighter.


When it comes to Warlander, the cleric is the most complex class to get used to. While it is enticing to jump into combat with her, that’s not really what she’s made for. Focus on building up her building and healing capabilities. The cleric can become the glue that will hold the team together once the proper skills and talents are established. Warlander is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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