The Legend of Zelda Formula

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Though on the surface, The Legend of Zelda series would seem to be one of the most creative in all of video gaming, there are certain “threads” that run through all of the games that when all lined up, seem like a bit of a formula.

This handy chart above shows a number of different categories that you’ll see in almost every game, including a bunch of series staples. But even if it does follow a set path, that doesn’t make the games any less incredible. I’m seriously thinking about buying a Wii just so I can play Skyward Sword.

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  1. Interesting, though not quite precise. I don’t think the fairies were really sidekicks in the early games, nor in Wind Waker. They were just health recovering items. Also, the designer mixed up Ocarina with Majora’s Mask, and Wind Waker with Four Swords, but they are actually very different games.

    Either way, you might be able to apply that same “formula” to almost any adventure story. Try Harry Potter. Or Star Wars.

  2. You should man. Because IMO Skyward Sword is the best in the series and no doubt worth $170 bucks (The price of the game with the Wiimote+ and a Wii). This coming from someone who was a kid when Ocarina came out and would spend HOURS just watching the intro screen. Skyward Sword overcame a ton of nostalgia.

    After finishing Skyward Sword, I went back to play Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time just for kicks and it was borderline unplayable. After you get past the initial learning curve (like all Zelda games, it can that can last through the first dungeon) you won’t be able to imagine playing Zelda any other way.

    Not to mention not having to roll through a field to get through it quicker. =)

  3. My boyfriend is such a Zelda fan that he has the triforce tattooed on the back of his right hand and L I N K tattooed across those knuckles. He has a triforce belt buckle and of course has played all of the games. Well, Skyward Sword was the first one that I’ve ever played and it was awesome. Although I’m not sure how much I’ll like the other games, I definitely think that if you like Zelda at all that is absolutely a game worth investing in.

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