15 Movies With Appropriate Video Game Names

Movie Names

Have you ever watched a movie and thought that the title may not have been appropriately named?  I mean we’ve all retitled movies in our heads.  For example, one might think the title of Rocky IV should be “The Cold War is Ending.”  You know, something cheesy like that.

But what if we got a little more creative?  What if we decided to take our two passions (movies and video games) and came up with some creative titles?

Well that’s what a fine group of savvy internet folk have done.  They decided to rename some of their favorite movies with appropriate video game names.  I’ve chosen 15 that were pretty good

Thanks to the forum members at Something Awful for these creations

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

Movie Names

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  1. As someone who has played Vampire the Masquerade, Fuck you good sir. Vampire the Masquerade is Gothic Horror, not Teen Angst/Romance/Bullshit. Any one who showed up to play the game because of Twilight would get a quick lesson in the difference between good vampire fiction and shitty vampire fiction.

  2. I’ve never seen The Mist but is it really about the evil genius behind a corporation trying to harness the power of teleportation and use it to take over the universe?

  3. @illeaturfamily

    I don’t recall their ever being a sinister corp, it was mainly military shenanigans gone wrong. I’m sure you’ve heard that the ending was pretty messed up though?

  4. @Cal

    That ending makes the movie. The movie is pretty much so-so but that ending was so twisted it changes the whole tone of the rest of the movie. I just wasn’t something I had expected from it. Which isn’t even how it ends in the book. Which is even more shocking.

    @bignick & trav

    Lol! I was thinking the same thing when I saw that one. They’re definitely stretching it on that one. The only similarities is that they are both supposed to be about vampires.

  5. @ ComfortableMadness, bignick & Travthulu

    I think you guys missed the point. That is the perfect title for a movie series that pretends to be about vampires. Come on folks. Let’s put our thinking caps on for a second. That is actually the funniest of the lot.

  6. Yeah are you people missing the entire point of these pictures? It’s not like the photoshoppers had much choice. It’s the literal movie poster renamed. Not like the whole plot and stuff.

  7. Thinking caps ehh? Well let me think… As for game play and plot line along with character development plus creatures I would have to say “Vampire: The Masquerade” is closer to the “Underworld” series of movies. But then again I’m not a 14 year old girl or a 45 year old housewife so I’ve never seen or read Twilight so what the hell do I know.

    *If my wife finds out I was arguing the finer points of role playing online she’ll never let me live it down.

  8. Crap. I suppose that I did miss the point. In my defense it did say “rename some of their favorite movies” not “movie posters”. So, the blame obviously lies completely on you Nattyb!

  9. @Travthulu


    I suppose you’re right. Underworld is closer to VTM. Far closer then you appear to be to understanding the humour in the Twilight poster.

    Allow me to explain for the humour impaired:

    The Twilight series has been criticized for its some what loose interpretation of the standard vampire lore. (Say for example vampires who do not burst into flame when exposed to sunlight but instead sparkle.) I suppose one could make the argument that the characters as depicted in Twilight are not “real” vampires, and are possibly only masquerading as them.

    This ends today humour lesson.

  10. @ illeaturfamily

    The Mist is pretty good, especially when you consider the ending. As a whole, it’s nothing special, but Thomas Jane is good and the production quality and writing are good enough that, at worst, it’s watchable. You should check it out.

  11. @madison


    Additional movies+games

    Knights Tale->Joust
    Battlefield Earth->Superman 64(They both are the pinacle of suck in their given medium)
    Lord of the Rings->Golden Axe
    Bloodsport->Streefighter II
    Hurt Locker->Minesweep

  12. I’m trying to think of a movie that could be titled Super Mario Bros, but nothing matches up. The closest I found was a really horrible film from the 90’s, starring Bob Hoskins and John Lequizamo.

  13. monkey island with king kong? i can understand pirates of the Caribbean with monkey island, or king kong with dong king kong.
    This looks more like bored people took some movies covers and put some random video games names, double fail.

  14. To my knowledge a couple of these are actually connected.
    Metal Gear Solid was inspired by Escape from New York and Half-Life was inspired by the book The Mist.

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