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I Know That Feel, Bro

Last of your race? I know that feel, bro.

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this is my favorite art series of the year so far. There’s just something so charming about cartoon versions of our favorite heroes and villains empathizing with each other’s problems that makes me smile.

Artist PaperBeatsScissors has created an entire series of these, which has forlorn characters fist-bumping as they have the same issues as one another. Can you think of what Fett and Snake, Pikachu and Genie or Beaker and Chewbacca might have in common? I bet you can, and then you too…will know that feel, bro.

Check out the entire fantastic gallery below:

Just a clone? I know that feel, bro.

Lost your precious? I know that feel, bro.

Just a parasite? I know that feel, bro.

Just want a heart? I know that feel, bro.

Addicted to dots? I know that feel, bro.

Unintelligible speech? I know that feel, bro.

Obsolete technology? I know that feel, bro.

Orphan hero? I know that feel, bro.

More great ones on the next page.

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  1. Love these, but I’m a little confused on the last one. I get Pluto, but what’s the deal with the Triceratops? I must’ve missed the “demoting” story on that one.

  2. @Grant, Drathe

    Actually, the triceratops was discovered two years prior to the torosaurus (1887 vs 1889) so the torosaurus would be the species they nixed, not triceratops. Torosaurus’ would become known as adult triceratops’.

  3. @oiger
    I instinctively thought along the lines of “Well known director manages to $*#$ up a great character driven story into a POS movie”… but yeah, I guess they’re both last of their kind.

  4. @Drathe

    It would be appropriate to enlarge the Triceratops’ frill and get rid of the tiny horns on the side. That’d make it the “torosaurus” as we used to know, which doesn’t exist anymore in favor of “adult Triceratops”.

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