LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Posters That Own

Iron Man Lego Poster

As a child, who didn’t play with LEGO’s at one point or another? Better yet, who doesn’t still enjoy playing with LEGO’s? My son, who is around 2 and a half years old, loves to use his DUPLO’s and who can argue with him, they’re awesome! I think that every day for the past month, when I come home from work we build a “house” as he would call it and then he proceeds to destroy it with a train or truck. Endless fun had by all. Now I’ll consider myself to be in the dark on this, but I had no idea that there were Marvel Super Hero sets of LEGO’s?! I knew that the video game was out there and even a movie or two but I had no idea that people still had the same love for LEGO as much as I did. (when I say people I’m referring to people over the age of 20) What’s better is that while I was looking for some gifts for myself, er I mean my son for Christmas, I happened upon these posters! People’s creativity and sense of fun will never cease to amaze me.


Thor Lego Poster

Iron Man Lego Poster

Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Poster

Captain America Lego Poster

Avengers Lego Poster


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