Alone In The Dark Remake Brings Back the Cult Classic

Alone In The Dark was speculated to be getting a remake for a while now. Well, it looks like these whispers were true because a trailer was recently released. This series isn’t the most renowned among the line-up of survival horror games out there. However, it does have its share of passionate fans. For years, gamers have wanted another entry and it looks like we are finally getting one. This remake will feature the return of main protagonist Edward Carnby and another character, Emily Hartwood. This remake will stick to its dark, forbidden, and mysterious roots while introducing a whole feeling and dynamic to the gameplay. With this remake, there will be a shift in the timeline to where it will be taking place in the 1920s. Emily Hartwood’s uncle has gone missing. She and private investigator Edward Carby venture into Derceto Manor to find out what happened to him. That is the basic premise and, of course, there is something sinister afoot in which the duo will need to unravel and, hopefully, smite.

This installment of the franchise is going for a more southern and eerie motif. Even though the Alone In The Dark games are considered “survival horror” in many regards, they actually lean more toward ‘psychological thrillers’ than anything else. This remake is going to explore the nuances of madness and the constant questioning of reality. Players will be sleuthing around Derceto Manor, but there will also be other realms to explore, nightmares to overcome, and monsters to slay. Given that this game is still in the midst of development, there is little to chew on. However, what is established is that this entry was penned by the writer of Amnesia and SOMA. Hence, this installment is going to offer a mind-twisting journey into hell, unlike any other entry before it.

Darkness Comes

Now, the trailer does show a good chunk of gameplay. Thus, it also lays out the overall vibe and plot. Hence, the Alone In The Dark remake will be sticking to its traditional formula of it being third-person perspective. Of course, this time it is going to be modernized with it being “over the shoulder” as opposed to a fixed camera angle as 90s horror games were known for. This is no surprise since other survival-horror heavyweights such as Resident Evil adapted the same design. It works well and the developers for this IP want the same sense of control for their title. With this new adventure, the art design will have a drastically different flavor. It will have a New Orleans motif, along with an ominous jazz soundtrack. This is a very different departure from the other games. However, there is no doubt that this design choice will give this game a sense of freshness.

Players will be playing both Edward Carby and Emily Hartwood. How exactly this will be implemented is unknown. Will gamers have entire playthroughs with just one character? Perhaps, they can be switched during key moments of the game? Right now, this is just conjecture. At its heart, the Alone In The Dark games are basically a mystery that delves into dark and evil places. This entry will be running with that sentiment, for sure. Inventory management and little ammunition will return as a staple to the series. The thing is that this remake will be set during the 1920s, which offers very specific weaponry. Firearms were still in their infancy during this time period. Hence, the types of weapons that will be available will range from revolvers, pistols, shotguns, and maybe Thompsons, of sorts. Chances are there won’t be rocket launchers or heavy machine guns in this game.

Glimmering Goods

Much like Alan Wake, the flashlight plays an important role in the Alone In The Dark games. Not so much for combat, but rather atmosphere. This feature is clearly returning for this remake. Speaking of which, another well-known element coming back will be the puzzles. They will be at full force in this game. Much like the installments that came before it, this remake will have enigmas of the practical type. Finding the right cogs of a machine, repairing fuse boxes and other similar situations will be prominent during this adventure. There will also be melee combat this time around. Even though this was always a feature in the other games, it is going to be more pronounced. Melee is, and always was, the last resort for survival in the Alone In The Dark games. Nonetheless, it is nice to see that it is at least getting tweaked.

Even though there are all kinds of survival games on the market today, the Alone In The Dark remake is trying to be different by being more cerebral. It is going to question the player’s sanity with every turn. This is what makes these games special and garnered a cult status over the years. Reality will be twisting and turning during this investigation. This game is aiming to be released on next-gen consoles, which in turn, will offer a smooth and seamless experience. Graphically, this game may not be groundbreaking, but the grotesque and intimate gameplay could be something to behold. Not to mention the music and sound design which will, no doubt, take advantage of 3D audio. In any case, Alone In The Dark is making a comeback and there is definitely a buzz circulating around the gaming industry on how it will turn out.

Shining Bright

There is still much to unveil with the Alone In The Dark remake. The developers are still piecing everything together and it will be some time before another gameplay trailer drops. As of right now, this game is slated to be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. There is no date attached as to when Alone In The Dark will be coming out. Chances are that it could be dropping next spring at the earliest. Meanwhile, let us wait and see what the developers have in store for Edward Carby and company.


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